Is Levinson 39 better than Cary 330/300

Would like to know if anyone has experience with either of these two cd players? The price of a used 39 is about the same as a new Cary 330/300. Which one is a better cd player?
no experience with the levinson.However, i have the new CARY 306 SACD.It is much better than the 303/300 on redbook playback.Fyi there is no 330/300....assuming you ment to say 303/300.

It's best to audition these players and let your ears decide......hope this helps
Thanks for the response. Yes I did mean 303/300.. Does the
306 have multiple output stages, tubed and ss? What else can you tell me about the sound of the 306
Thx Dale
IMO the redbook playback is equal to the best players/DACS.The SACD playback is equal to my analog frontend.(regap9/ruby3/ph302).The deciding factor being the quality of the recording.

If you go over to the audio asylum website there are 5-6 reviews.It is unamiously praised as the best digital frontend that these new owners have heard.

It is definatley worth auditioning if you are looking for a new digital source.....Cary website has all the specs....