Is Krell 400xi enough to power Revel Studios?

I have a Krell 400xi & SACD Standard set-up in 1/2 of a 5,200 cu. ft. room with good acoustics. I'm looking to purchase a used pair of Revel Studios. Is the Krell sufficient to effectively power these Speakers? Since the room is a formal living room, I won't fill it with big Amplifiers. The Krell pieces are a perfect fit asthetically and sound great too on my N803s. I was leaning towards used N802s but would like to give the Revels a shot if they're not too difficult to juice. Also, is $5K a good deal on 2-yrs. old Studios?
$%K is great deal on studio (let me know if you pass them up) and If it can drive the 803N slepp well tonight and write check tomorrow.The 803N's may have a listing of 90db effciency but have a nasty impedance swing making them difficult and need of pure current to drive (40 watt tube amps need not apply)so I told prespective buyers over 6 years I sold both Krell and that 200 was really what you wanted as a minimum.We also sold Krell and though it came after I went out what I have heard is it is a beter piece than the 300i interms of sonics.I thought Krell Class A or A/B like 400ix had good highs and nothing gripped bass like Krell (why so many speaker manufacturers used them for demo's in 90's but whose mids could sound metallic or brittle.But think Revel is pretty forgiving.Think you have a very cost efficinet high end set up in your future.Go for it.
I biamp my studios with krell kav2250's, and its plenty of power.