Is Kora Cosmos an upgrade from CJ Premier 11a

I'm looking for something with a little more resolution and speed compatibility with my JM Lab Mini Utopias, without sacrificing musicality. I'm using a CJ 17LS Pre. Would the Kora be a significant improvement? Please feel free to comment.
The Koras will definately have more speed and resolution - no doubt. All Koras are just about top notch when it comes to those two parameters. And yet all the models I have heard ally that with beautiful coherence. I still don't know how they do it.

The Kora Cosmos were reviewed in Stereophile magazine. You should check it if you haven't already.
>>The Kora Cosmos were reviewed in Stereophile magazine<<

Yes, but were they one of the 5,000 components in the Class A category?

That's important.
Thanks Aball.

Do you have an opinion on the question. I would like to hear it.