Is Jolida102b good upgrade from vintage Fisher 400

I'm thinking of replacing my vintage Fisher 400 with a Jolida 102 or 302. I realize the 102 may be weak on bass but seems like people feel it is more musical. Any opinions about whether I will hear improvement going from the Fisher to Jolida would be appreciated. Please give other amp suggestions ($400-700)? Also, would a powered sub-woofer make up for potentially less bass out of the 102? Please comment. Thanks for looking.
Try also Rogue Tempest magnum and Conrad Johnson gears.
I haven't heard it, but many people report the Cayin TA-30 is superior in build quality and sound quality to the Jolidas. Someone even liked it better then their 2500 dollar Conrad Johnson CAV 50. They go for around 600-700 new. EL-34 pp 35 watts.
I had a Jolida 102 for a while in a second system. The output caps were replaced with Russian oip, as well as the speaker post and rca's. I also put a alp blues velvet pot in place of the cheaper alps. I believe the newer 102 ' s come stock with the blue velvet. This little budget amp was a charmer and sounded great driving the right speakers.

I don't know how it would compare to a Fisher but 96 it's own merit it was a great little amp. Btw, I found the construction to be just fine. Picking up one used is the way to go and it then becomes an even better value. New, not so much so.