Is JM Lab 927 BE better than Electra 936?


I have a pair of Electra 936 which I like. I then bought a pair of JM Lab Electra 1027 BE which I love. The BE tweeter sound better than the Electra 936 using Cary Signature SLI-80 Int Amp. Now I have a chance to buy a 8/10 pair of Electra 927 BE for $2600. Should I replace the Electra 936 with the Elcectra 927 BE Anniversary Edition?

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I am confused. Did you sell your 1027s? What did you not like about them?

I LOVE the Electra 1027 BE and keep them in my 2 chanels system. I also have a pair of Electra 936 and Electra CC 901 driven by 3 BAT VK-60 converted to VK-120 monoblocks. This is my hometheater.

I am thinking about changing the Electra 936 in my hometheater to Electra 927 BE since the 1027 BE sound so good.

Hope this clarify thing a bit better.

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Having moved from 907BE to 927BE, I think you will enjoy the 927 though both of these benifit from a sub, especially for HT. I haven't heard the 936 but the 926 did not impress me, the 927 I absolutely love. The Electra BE line seems to be a top to bottom improvement over the standard electra series so I'd grab those 927s.
I had the 927's. I traded them in and got the 1027's. The 927's sounded very good for HT. I liked them allot and I would still have them but the deal I was offered was to good to pass up. I would go for the 927's. The mids and highs are just fantastic.
According to me, as a true JM Lab fan (I have had 22 models..) the 927 BE sounds a little bit "better" than the 1027 BE. A bit more "punchy", the 927BE has also much personality than the 1027BE. On the other hand, the 1027BE is easier to be driven by tube amps for instance. They are not so reluctant as the 927BE
I have 927BEs and love the sound. Have them paired with a McIntosh 2002 200 watt amp...Superb dynamics, highs and midrange..As well as plenty of bass punch for my 11 X 14 listening room