Is jitter an issue? Streaming to ntwkd receiver.

I am set up in a Home Network with an Home Theater PC running JRiver media server software and a Denon AVR4310ci streaming the audio, all ethernet connected to the home network.

Would the receiver be suceptible to jitter under this set up? I don't know if the pertinent question is whether my receiver's DACs are asynchronous? In this case I have the receiver playing back files from the HTPC via ethernet.

I can also play back from the HTPC to the receiver via HDMI connection (Hewlett Packard with Beats Audio sound card).

I'm trying to decide on the value of adding a USB Asynchronous DAC to the set up.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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If you transfer audio over Ethernet then you really transfer data and jitter doesn't apply since data doesn't have time base. Playback program doesn't matter unless it has some kind of processing in it (like upsampling).

Jitter is promptly recreated inside of your receiver when data clock is created for D/A converter. The only thing you can control is ambient electrical noise. Using power conditioners/filters, keeping devices and cables apart and even using better Ethernet cable (since it acts like long antenna for RFI) might reduce jitter. I said might, because your receiver's clock could be the predominant jitter source. As for HDMI - I don't know much about it.
I found DLNA to be better than asynch USB. Here's my recommendation
1) make sure your audio connectivity is hardwired Ethernet, not wireless between PC as digital media controller, any NAS and the Denon as digital media renderer... it matters
2) follow the PC optimization recommendations for your OS on the computer audiophile web site

Assuming the Denon has a competent DLNA implementation you should be very happy with this. If you try to go wifi, un-optimized be prepared for mediocre sound... superfluous multitasking on the PC and wifi signal strength fluctuation causes marked loss of fidelity
+1Davide256. I also MUCH prefer Ethernet over asynch USB, and replace generic ethernet cable with higher quality like AQ. Wireless is convenient but not the best sound.

On PC, disable all unnecessary services from auto startup to save CPU cycles.