Is J River MC 12 slow for you too?

For whatever reason, using my NEW Toshiba laptop with Vista 32 SP 1, and J River 12.534 over a wireless connection to a NAS HDD… I’m getting severe lags or delays when selecting tracks.

11 to 15 seconds is common.

The same tracks selected with other media players does not have this delay aspect, and they play near immediately… regardless the file type or size.

This also is happening with FUBAR.

Windows Media Player, and iTunes have no such problems, all else being the same.



Any experience, ideas or solutions?
Jim not sure what's going on there brother. I'm running MC13 using Windows 7 playing music to a remote wireless desktop in my office..there's no lag time at

I do notice when I'm streaming movies or music to my laptop in the kitchen..I get lag times unlike when streaming to both Desktops.

My configuration is setup a little different I believe. I use Harddrives connected directly to my main PC..sharing them with the network. My main PC must stay on..but it works very well.

Maybe you should try it like this and see what you think.

By the way, does MC12 have the interactive 3D viewing? If should give MC13 a try..this is extremely cool!! Not to be confused with Theater view which is nice as well.

Best wishes
Well, for the most part, many if not all special video effecs, images, views, etc., destroy my accessibility software immediately, or the OS hangs & crashes.

If you'd care to get with me later on I'd be interested in seeing more on your config.... although I do really want to use the Iomega NAS 1TB HDD for storage and access to data.

What's this "Windows #7 " business? Is it a Vista upgrade?

My Desktops run ether net cables and have little noitceable issues, if any.

I'm wondering if MC ought to be downloaded and installed onto the NAS ITSELF?

WHY? Windows media and iTunes are already on it as OEM apps, and those apps on the pc's have no issues accessing and playing music files immediately. ???
Windows 7 is Microsoft's newest OS. It is due to release in July. You can go to Microsoft and download it for free on a trial.. I really like this new makes networking VERY EASY if you have a home network. It's faster then Vista..though I had no problems with Vista service pack 2..which ran great!
I'll second the Windows 7 plug...I like it a lot. (and I'm a Linux guy mostly).

I am running similar setup as you except with iTune, no lag when selecting track. guess it's JRiver.


Well, here we go again... not your fault so don't worry... that accessibility software I mentioned earlier? It has to be supported on 'whatever OS' for it to run. Without it, my PCs are doorstops or platers.

I saw no support for the Windows 7 OS. Nor for any 64 bit OS. No Linux, no Mac. NADA. If Bill gates hasn't got his thumbprint on it, AND it's been around a while too (so the designers can catch up to the changes), it's a no go fo me.

I didn't see a link for the Vista SP 2 download at MS website either... just the "7" which is not supported for my use.

This sucks... sometimes...
Hey Jim from my reading Windows 7 uses many of the Vista drivers. If your software works with Vista,there's a good chance it will work with Windows 7. You do realize you have Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit? I use both..64 bit on the main rig and 32 bit on the other two.

Sorry... they said the app would not initiate in that OS.... it is in their plans.... but not done yet. They usualy lag behind the new OS' several months after the OS has been fully released.
Bummer !!!
Oil well. Wadaya gonna do?

Would getting a Gig a bit router and the necessary NIC card for the laptop, as well as the different ethernet cables for it to supply the desktops be worth doing, ya think?
I use MC 12.534 every day. I don't see any appreciable delay when selecting tracks. My main library has about 27,000 tracks. I have the music files and the library database files on the PC running MC 12.

Did you place the library on the laptop or on the NAS? Even if you aren't using tags, MC 12 is using the library.

How are you selecting tracks if you aren't using tags?

MC is a Windows application so it won't run on a NAS that isn't running on some version Windows or providing an emulator environment like Wine.

Win 7 isn't relevant to your problem. Nor is MC 13. You need to diagnose your problem and solve it.

I'd suggest that you try again posting on the J. River MC 12 forum. I'll look for your post if I know your screen name on that forum.



Hi bill!

“……Did you place the library on the laptop or on the NAS? Even if you aren't using tags, MC 12 is using the library”

Pardon my ignorance, but, uh, So what? What does it matter where the actual Library is located?

BTW… even that word Library in MC is counterintuitive… to me. Isn't a library is wehre all the books are… in MC it’s merely it’s data base… and not the actual physical locations of the books.

Those denotative discrepancies continually crop up viewing the Options panel settings.

Look for info on Portable installs! Good luck.

My two wired desktops have it on site, where ever JR puts it by default.

The laptop is not different in that regard.

All the files I access routinely are on the NAS. Only the Vista 32 bit SP 2 unit has troubles . It’s one difference? It’s a wireless connection… using an Intel Prowireless 3945 ABG connection card.

It’s a bit quicker hooked up via wire.. not a lot though. Cuople of seconds maybe.

Ultimately I figured out this… if all the files are at the exact same location only one library (database)needs be used… so I used one pc to intake the files names and locations… and after a day or so non stop of that action, I cloned that Library to the other two PCs, one desk, one laptop.

Ituens does the 14K tracks in about 10 minutes or less. Not 20+ hours. (not bitching mind you, just pointing out some diffs which have added to my grief.)

See this post here for more info:

…and this one at J Rivers forum:;topicseen#new

…it was recently merged with another by Jim H. So I hope that link works for you.

I’ve also posted at the “Computer Audiophile”. Likewise, with about the same success, albeit lots more input.

My SN every where is the same as here. ‘blindjim’

“……Win 7 isn't relevant to your problem. Nor is MC 13. You need to diagnose your problem and solve it!”

Duh. Looks like till now, if I didn’t do it no one could... or would.

If you check out the dates for all these posts, and consider I got the NAS up and running around JAN. 10 09… have made 3 calls now to Iomega support… and spent most if not all of the past two weeks crawling around the net seeking solutions, reading white papers on Intels pro wireless cards, Vista tips, networking, and MC’s online info… You would see the import of this action to me.

I’d say devoting the better part of every day since, to divesting myself of this issue seems noteworthy enough an effort.

Me solving it, as you said, is nothing less than my main focus. But of course you couldn’t have been aware of my efforts entireity, or the time I’ve put into it on my own… but if you don’t know where to look to begin with it takes time… if you can’t go as quickly as once you didd it will take still more…and the frustration as you see here and now, keeps growing.

Sorry if I seem adversarial. I bare no malice to you. The wound is new and redressing it uncovers lingering agitation

I’ve found out these items for certain…

It’s not the NAS
It’s not the ROUTER
Other software media players, like WMP & iTunes work with immediacy, regardless the personal confuser being used OR it’s connection methodology.

The problem as I now kknow it is at odds with the Vista + MC config or some incompatibility therein.

I suspect it is the MC setup on the Vista. I think it needs to be set differently with the items I have in use with it now inclusive of the Vista laptop.

To witt:
Adding a wireless USB adapter to an XP home desktop pc, I experienced near the same delays with initiation of track playback.

Portable installation?


My current thoughts are now to install MC onto the NAS itself, but those efforts last nite failed….

I did ask Iomega first, if I put a server onto the NAS WOULD IT CAUSE ANY PROBLEM ELSEWHERE They said they didn’t think so.

SO I CREATED A FOLDER THERE, left it unprotected, and tried to install it, but something went awry. Probably when I tried to update an older version of MC prior to inputing my key for it.

So It ain’t for lack of trying on my part Bill. Perish the thought. I’m sick over all this expenditure of time and well, some money… But mostly time though… and the lack of insightful spot on help from MC forums, especially.

It seems if you don’t keep up with the changes and maintain the current version you get overlooked… or something. Don’t know. Don’t care… but it do suck not getting help.

Consequently, I’ve posted here where other’s are more open to providing input…

So thanks very very much for your thoughtful input on this matter. It is more than appreciated. It is sorely needed.

You are more than welcome to contact me off thread by what ever means. Shoot me an email and I'll tell you there.
Some improvements have been attained... I folllowed these steps to gain speed and functionality.

I disabled "VISTA TCP Auto tune" by Goodling and using this proceedure:

Start>Run> 'netsh'

In the window this path will open for you, just after the > where the cursor is, type in this string:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel

other settings for VISTAs TCP functions are:

1 netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
Disable the autotunning feature in Vista completely, and fit and lock the RWIN receive window to default value 65536 bytes.

2 netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted
Allow for the receive window to grow beyond the default value, but do so very conservatively. In this mode, Vista will by default use RWIN of 16,384 bytes with a scale factor of 2.

3 netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=restricted
Allow for the receive window to grow beyond the default value, but limit such growth in some scenarios.

4 netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
Allow for the receive window to grow to accommodate almost all scenarios. The default setting in Vista. Specifying this command mean you want to turn back on AutoTuning feature.

5 netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=experimental
Allow for the receive window to grow to accommodate extreme scenarios. Note The experimental value can decrease performance in common scenarios. This value should be used only for research purposes.

Users should try out the various possible configurations for the Vista TCP RWIN Auto Tuning Level in order to get the best value that improve network performance and increase download speed.

A second measure was taken as well, and I installed a DirectShow plug in which decodes ALAC (m4a, and supposedly m4p files).

In my case so far only the Apple lossless files (m4a) now function immediately when played from the NAS DRIVE.


So it seems there is progress.