Is it worth upgrading tonearm wiring

I'm talking about the Internal wiring of the tonearm. I'm not talking about about Interconnects or phono leads.
It would depend on the tone arm, what it was wired with, and how strongly you wanted a particular wire used.
any older(20+ years) tonearm is ready for that, beside you might also change the DIN for gold plated and use your favorite wire brand......
Use the Audio Note silver internal arm wire. Its not that expensive and you WILL hear a noteable sonic improvement.
Without knowing your particular situation, it is hard to say if it is worthwhile. But be careful what you are doing. Changing arm wire is a one way street. If you don't like the result, it is very difficult to change back. So unless you have an old arm or you know the arm wire has degraded, you might want to find someone who has the wire changed and listen to the result first. Quite often in audio, different isn't always better, and change doesn't always mean upgrade.
I think you might find that the best benefits come when you rewire an arm from its bayonet or the cartridge leads and go straight back to the RCA phono inputs in a continuous run.

I really like using Cardas 33 awg in my arm rewire projects where solid state amplification is performed.

The A-M Systems solid silver core wire in teflon coating sounds even better but I prefer this in tube driven applications.
Assuming you have average internal wire, then it should be a big upgrade if you rewire it with top notch wire. I'd recommend a rewire job by Audio Origami in the UK, and the more expensive Kondo wire.
it is worth Taters! I just got my rewired SAECs (8000 and 506/30) and the Exclusive EA-10. We rewired it with Ikeda silver wiring and Zyx silver wiring.The sound is so much better compared to a SAEC running with old copper wires, you will not believe it.
Thuchan, where did you find Zyx siver wiring?
Queg - at 2jukis shop in HKK