Is it worth upgrading my tonearm?

Hi, Gang,

I have a recently adjusted/upgraded SOTA Sapphire turntable, fitted the used Linn Basik LVX tonearm that I purchased it with many years ago, and an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Somebody has the Rega mounting insert for a SOTA table for sale online, and I was wondering whether putting something like a Rega RB 30x on the SOTA would be a significant upgrade.

Thanks in advance!
Yes, but go for a rewired Rega Arm. Incognito Rewire Set for example
I would get the Rega mount then buy an Audiomods arm. That combo sounds great on my SOTA. The basic RB300 is not much of an improvement over the Basic LVX IMO.
If your budget allows, I second Manitunc's advice. I'd never spend the money to upgrade a Rega with the usual list of upgrades considering how good the Audiomods arm is for its ridiculously low price.
Thanks for those tips, guys! I'd never heard of Audiomods before.
look into origin live mods too