Is it worth upgrading B&W DM303 to B&W CM2?

I currently have B&W DM303 and Cambridge Azur 640A V2 and 640C V2. I found an almost new pair of B&W CM2 at a good price. Like I said it in the title, is it worth upgrading DM303 to CM2? I mostly listen classical (chamber music 70% and all others 30%).

Thanks in advance.
I prefer the B7W SE306Ei model. the Cambridge Azur 890A SEV1.1 is also a great unit
Bartok, please list the other system components used in evaluating the B&W B7W SE306Ei and the Cambridge Azur 890A SEV1.1
I'm very interested.
Thank you.
Yes cdp is the Ayre SX3.70Di I did not care for the B&W EX900SEi model. I know it has good reviews but was not my cup of tea.
Thanks but knowing all of the others components such as the amp, preamp, speakers, etc. would make this much more meaningful to the readers. Also where were these components heard, friend's house, retailer, etc?
Thanks in advance.
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B&W SE306Ei

B&W EX900SEi

are these actually B&W models? I have never heard of them before. Could someone provide links?

Ellery just abit of sarcasm about all these letters and numbers we are finding palced in front or behind a ceratin model. Its all too confusing. Numbers and letters have only one purpose, to impress, its a ad tactic, a ploy to get your interest.
I'll pass thanks. There's no need for all these numbers and letters. Sony 9000. How about a Sony 180000?
The 303 had a bit more bass than the 302 it replaced but it was not as lively or bright as 302 (which I liked you may have prefeered tthe 303.I think they should have kept the 302 around for a lttle while.The CM2 has stiffer cabinet and is beter inn all respects but you also might like which had bass but if you can afford size I sold these speakers for 6 years and the 602 was most poular with good mids (CM might equal it) but 602 will give you MUCH more bass for orchestral works and still deliver the goods for midrange in small group ensembles.What I would do if you can see spending a quantum leap is to go for CDM1 used or the 805 Matrix III which is going on 8 years old but still shoould sound great and is advertised used here on 'Gon for $70 but you might get $100 off.The CDM1 may not have the 805's internal bracing but it's hardwood cabinet is much more inert than CM2,601,602.Used 602 should be $300$30.The CDM1 I am not sure of but close to beter sounding 80 which you may discluide not on price but age.But I sold my to a freind and his still work just fine as long as it's the Matrix III
Beyond the B&W's try to see if there is a Qaud dealer in your area.I think they might be even a beter value in a nuetral bRsittish speaker all through the line.You could egt a bookshelf or powered bookshelf that could run right off a preamp,tuner,preamp tuner,or CD player and sound ebter than Adcokm,NAD,Rotel or other comperable gear.If you recciever has a preout main in you can pull the pins out and again it will work incredibly well.But ANY model Quad will wipe the floor of the CM2.If you can go out and hear them do so buy new or look here on Audiogon for used.Their heirtage was in being the reborn company that made the famous 50's/0's electrostatics but the sound qaulity and dollar value was shocker when they started their convetional speaker line a few years ago.Try and you'll buy.
How would you assign model numbers to the components Bartok? I'm at a loss myself.
Frankly and TRUTHFULLY most labs have gone BEZERK with all these letters and numbers. BAT, ARC, Spendor, Vandersteen etc etc etc. All are guilty of this nonsensical adding nubers and letters trying to impress and bamboozle the unsuspecting.

The audio world is a real joke these days.
Cayin. That's a funny soundin' name. Sounds like pepper. Hot-n-spicy pepper. Like Tabasco. I would never buy gear that's hot-n-spicy...or made by Tabasco. Cayin...what a silly, nonsensical name for an audio lab.

Cayin 17? Cayin keeps makin' the model number higher and higher. Couldn't they stop with Cayin 2, or is 17 hotter-n-spicier? Heck, anyone interested in hot-n-spicy Cayin products might as well wait for Cayin 50. Muy caliente!

And by the way, what's up with Tyler Taylo 7U? What kind of name is Taylo? And 7U? Might as well be 7X, or 7Z. What ever happened to Taylo 7A, 7B, 7C...? These knucklehead labs and their nonsensical model numbers.

And what about Jadis? What's up with DA50S, DA88S, DA30 (what, no "S"), Orchestra, and Orchestra Reference (can Orchestra Reference Royale be far behind). What's up with "DA"? What does DA50S have to do with anything? It's not 50wpc. It doesn't use 50 tubes, and it doesn't cost $50? Why can't they just call them Integrated Amplifiers 1, 2, 3 and 4? Those kooky French. Too many frog's legs I tell 'ya! They're all whacked in the noggin!

Hey! And how 'bout that berzerk Ford Motor Company with their Model A and Model T. Whatever happened to all the models in between? No Ford Model K that I can recall.

I'm with you, Bartokfan. All these companies are really playin' with our minds! I'd suggest wearing an aluminum foil helmet.
Thanks for the all the repiles. I will try them out
My thoughts exactly Tvad...GREAT REPLY!!!