Is it worth upgrade to Oracle Delphi V

I have an Oracle Delphi II turntable. I find it to be very good, better than most. After Oracle came back a few years ago they released the Version V, without or with a turbo power supply. I am curious to whether it is worth $ 1,200 to upgrade. I am assuming that some of you out there have invested in the upgrade and can share some of your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
dcaudio, i upgraded my original (version l?) to mkv when i bought it, so i can't compare before-after. all i know is the parts seem to make sense to my mechanics-oriented perspective. i like the gnu bearing, i like the chassis counterweight, i like the mat, & i like the spring-cups - i got all the old pasrts, so i could compare...

i dint do the motor/power-supply mod tho - i did the origin-live dc motor/power-supply mod. this, i *did* wait a while to do, & there was a worthwhile improvement, imho - also much more cost-effective than the oracle motor upgrade... the gnu motor controls *do* look way-cool, tho! :>)

regards, doug

I own the Oracle Delphi MKV SE. In terms of performance the MKV is superb. Yoy should do a comparative analysis of the cost of upgrading vs buying a new or used MKV. In terms of sheer musical enjoyment the MKV delivers the "goods". Highly recommended!!