Is it worth to get 2 m Nodorst vs 1m

I have the opportunity to buy a couple of Nordost power cords, Tyr and Frey at a 15 discount. I auditioned the cords in a one meter length and they made a nice improvement. The dealer quotes NOrdost as saying, it will sound better in a 2 meter. I have a dedicated circuit for my Qbase strip which has the whole stereo plugged in. I thought i read somewhere that a dedicated circuit makes the longer length improvement questionable. Adding another meter to both increases cost by about 1000. They already cost close to 5,000 so this would be closer to 6,000.   I can’t test any of this. I just have to make a decision. Would like your thoughts. Thanks.


“you just base it on the length….1m is really short for a power cord, so there’s not much flexibility. I would go with a 2m just based on that. My 2 cents.”

It would depend on the proximity of components and outlets in a given audio system and the particular cable’s flexibility.

I use flexible silver wire power cables that are 1 meter length. They are ideal for my situation (And much more neat than the longer cables that they replaced).


I can't believe I didn't measure the demo cords (they were marked not for sale demo)  Is there a standard length that Nordost gives to dealers for demo cords?  My situations is the same as Charles1dad...One meter is fine because components are in a stack right next to QB...about  18 inches away.


@bossa There's a few things about this that get my antennae twitching.

1. I never buy cables when a 2m is only slightly more expensive than a 1m. This means that (providing the maker isn't scamming) the plugs cost, in your case $2k each end????

2. I always try and buy the top cable in a range, I believe a maker puts everything he has into this.

3. Try Audioquest Dragon a 2m is almost double the price of a 1m and they don't give you a cock and bull story about 2m sounding better.