Is it worth to buy a McCormack SST-1 & DAC-1??

I have been considering this bargain offer of a demo McCormack SST-1 plus a brand new DAC-1 for nearly two weeks now. Is it still worth buying a 10 years old technology for a bargain or should I move on to SACD or even newer digital format in the near future?
Can anyone share their experience of owning the SST-1 or DAC-1 ??
I own both, bought them used here on Audiogon and am very, very happy with the sound. They replaced a Marantz 63se used as a transport and a Parasound DAC. The improvement was amazing, particularly considering that the cost of both used was only about $300 more than what I had paid for the Marantz bought new and the Parasound used.

I replaced the DAC first and heard an improvement but the real difference came with the SST, a much sweeter, more open sound. I like the top-loading design of the transport and the remote control that comes with it is very nicely designed, particularly since it provides a volume control for the transport and there is no remote for my preamp.

The only problem I've had is that the transport sometimes doesn't properly sense the closing of the sliding door over the CD and doesn't give me the read-out of the track numbers. It's not a big deal since everything works perfectly when I select play. I'm sure it's a simple adjustment to a sensor but considering that it happens only occasionally it's never even been worth taking it in for a fix.

Both units are very, very well built, like all McCormack stuff. I recommend them highly. I'm using mine with a McCormack TLC-1 preamp and DNA 0.5 Deluxe amp, Proac Studio 150 speakers and HSU sub. There are, of course, lots of other options, including some very nice single box CD players that take up less space in the rack, but, as you can tell, I'm a real fan of McCormack equpment and the four pieces I've got create a sound that makes me happy every time I listen.
I also own both and think you will be pleased with the sound and build quality.I'm currently using the SST-1 with a Genesis digital lens and Camelot Uther dac in main system.My second system I use a Camelot Morganna with a Genesis digital lens and DAC-1 deluxe edition with great results.I really like the McCormack products and service is excellent.I own a TLC-1 deluxe,RLD-1,DNA-2,Micro power drive and Micro line drive.Also the SST-1 sounds even better with a good power cord and I've had no problems with the door switch on mine.Hope this helps and keep us posted on your decision.
Thanks guys. This is exactly what I been looking for. I have recently bought a brand new matching pair of TLC-1 & DNA-1 from the dealer here ( new old stock ). My only question is regarding the remote volume control of the SST-1, the dealer just told me that there is no such feature for the transport that he's got. Sfar, is this remote volume control an option for your SST-1 that you bought used ? Where is this feature in the remote controller ?
I'm surprised that the remote isn't a part of what you're being offered with the SST-1. Mine came with it but, as I said, I bought it used and wasn't dealing with options from a dealer and I just assumed all the SST's came with the remote.

It controls all the usual functions you'd expect, track selection by pushing buttons on a numeric keypad, skipping back and forward through tracks, mute, shuffle, pause and volume. It's a beautifully designed piece, I read somewhere that it was done by Frog Design, the people who did much of the innovative work for Apple Computer.

Your best bet for more information is to get in touch with Steve McCormack at They were very helpful when I had questions about another issue.
Does your SST-1 provide the remote volume control function also ? Have you had a chance of comparing your DAC-1 Deluxe to the DAC-1 standard version ? I was told by Steve McCormack that there is a substantial improvement of the Deluxe over the Standard because he has made significant changes of the analog board.
Belfran, Yes my remote control does have the volume control function and no I never had the chance to compare the DAC-1 deluxe to the standard version.
I'm still using mine 15 years after I bought them new! SST-1, Dac-1 deluxe
TLC-1 deluxe, DNA-1 deluxe and Micro Phone Stage. All McCormack driving Thiel 3.6s. Cardas digital and Audioquest Gibralter compleat the rig.

Set up the speakers right and the result is Heaven on earth!!!

I've tried more recent and way more expensive stuff and still can't seem to beat this rig!