Is it worth keeping a Levenson no.32, no360s when

you have a no.40? Did anyone A/b the no.32 against the no.40? I love the sound of the no.32 , but i would like an all in one solution, with out sacaficing 2 channel sound.
also, how does a 360s dac compared to the no.40 dac? Acording to Levinson, they did not expect the no.40 dac to sound as good as it was intended, hinting it was beter or equal to a 360s dac. Levinson did say also the no.32 preamp is superior to than a no.40. I would like to know if anybody did these comparasons themselves. Thx in Advanced.
According to Madrigal, the No.40 is not as good as the
No.32 as a preamp. You do however get a lot of more
functionality than from a pure preamp.
The No32 is a no holds barred pre-amp. As the 40 is the same for a processor. However, I think it's impossible to have all the digital circuitry necessary in the 40 without compromising it's ability as a pre-amp. Keep in mind, when I say compromise, it's really only against a reference component. While I have not been able to compare the two side by side I don't think there's any way the 32 would not best the 40 for a pre only comparison. What would really be interesting is to see on a scale how the 32 vs 40 vs 380s stacked up. We know the 32 is well above the 380s, now where is the 40 relative to the 2 would be very intersting.
OK I got my 33h mono blocks today, when i got the 32, it buried the 380s Period! now i am a/b'ing the no40 with a sony dvp9000es as a transport against the 32/360s/37 combo. I am using valhalla through out. So far my findings that the no.40 and sony dvp9000es as a transport, sounds WAY better! I find this really hard to belive, but the diffrence is drastic! i am going to switch things around so I can use the 37 as a transport with the 40... this should be a better match. If anybody around the Long Island area, and would like to lend me thier ears, I would appreciate an email. I have a strong feeling that Levinson created a Beast, but does not want to admit it. for fear in hurting the no32. keep in mind, the no40 is quite a few years ahead in technology than the 32...................
My findings with the no37 and the dvp9000es used as a transport, is the sony tracks way better on disk that have scratches, the sony totaly ignores them and plays without missing anything, the 37 skipped heavily ending a song in 15 seconds while the sony played the entire track. ( go figure?) the 37 had a little edge over sound quality over the sony. Is it worth having a 37? IMO. No! If anybdy has some feedback on this issue please reply!
congrats on your no40 purchase...I ordered mine today. how do u like for HT as well as 2 channel. Also what speakers are u using...
Chichiuno: Interesting findings, but not that surprising as the 40 is a no holds barred processor. Do you have analog source components? This is where I think the 32 would outperform the 40--but having never tried it myself I can't be sure. If you can try it, please let us know your findings.
no analog sources, last thing I need would be a turntable! to drive me more crazy! :c)