Is it worth it to repair a cj pv2ar?

I bought a used cj pv2ar preamp off the audiogon classifieds 10 years ago. It has served me well to this point, hooked up to a cj mv-55 and meadowlark kestrel.

A recent repair estimate (needs new power supply, caps and a transistor or two) was $520. Considering I bought it for less than $200, and there are newer cj preamps available used for a little more money (pv10a for $650), is it worth repairing?

Does anyone feel the pv-2ar is not a great match for the mv-55?

I listen to mostly jazz on vinyl and prefer a warmer, fuller sound.


I would sell it for whatever it would bring and move up. There are hobbyists who enjoy repairing old components in their spare time and it might find a home with one of them.
Your estimate sounds high to me. Was that from CJ?

Stanwal may be right. But then again, if you like the sound you have, why change. What if you buy a newer model and don't like it, or it breaks down?

For instance, I have a 1970 BMW. I liked it when I bought it, and I still like it 39 years later. No plans to sell it ever.
10 years ago? Wow, I guess the 'gon has been around for awhile.
There are better sounding C-J preamps for sure. But the current ones have a little more leaned out accurate sound than the vintage models. That said, a PV5 or 7 would be good step up vintage units. The 10 is a more current item and may lack the full bodied midrange that the PV2 has.
If you decide to sell it as is, you might be surprised at how much you might get for it.
It served you well for 10 years, that's $20 a year for bliss. Not too bad!!
Personally, I think any of the earlier models would go fine with your MV55.
I agree with Rhljazz that the estimate sounds high . I would think the whole Preamp could be gutted and totally Re-Built for that amount . When you say it " needs new power supply " does this mean every part including Transformer ? Or does it mean power supply Caps and Diodes ? From your brief description I would think the work could be done for $200.00 or less . It would be well worth the $200 or so to fix it , $520 not worth it .
Oops! I forgot to mention that you might want to contact Bill Thalman at He is the previous tech director for C-J, and does repair & upgrade on the various C-J products. He's quite reasonable as far as cost goes. I agree with the various comments about the price being high. However if that cost included the latest "boutique" parts (teflon caps, etc) it might be about right.
I suggest that you shop for repair. I don't know who gave you the estimate but if it's the local audio repair guy, I would almost anticipate getting clipped. Let us know where you're located and maybe a member can recommend someone dependable.
Thanks for all the help. I had the estimate done at Analogique SYstem Labs in New York City. The total was $520 for the following:

"problems in the power supply section"
"replace parts: filter caps, diodes, regulation, etc."
"repair cold solder joints"
"clean and lube switches and controls"

I agree that the price seems high, so I canceled the repairs.
If anyone has a suggestion for someone who would do the work at a reasonable rate in New York, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll probably take the advice of selling it and upgrading.

All your advice has been really appreciated.


Why don't you send the pre amp back to cj for repair. they might even have some upgrades they can do to enhance the sound.
I agree, I would sell it as is, and move into a PV5 if you like that full sound. It has it in spades, and should be pretty trouble free to boot.
Sold both back in the day - PV-5 was less noisy - both are sorta classic "tube" sound and there's nothing wrong with music that comes thru them.Frankly -even a PV-5 is old enough to have some potential problems ( electrolytic caps)- if you enjoy your 2ar - I'd consider putting the money into restoring it.C-J or Bill Thalman may charge you some real money to restore your pre-amp - but they have the specific experience with that product to know what to replace and what to replace with - something that a guy who has only worked on a few of your model of pre-amp has to take a semi-educated guess at?Big thing is this - if you enjoy what you've got - it's worth investing in it over taking a blind stab at something that may or may not suit you.