Is it worth it to add a 2 channel preamp???

I have the urge to add a 2 channel preamp with a home theater bypass to my home theater My system consists of the following:

CD Ayon CD1
Processor Anthem DV
2 Channel Amp Gamut D200i
Speakers Gamut M5

For those why have added a quality 2 channel preamp to their home theater systems:

What were the improvements?
Was it worth it?
Would you do it again?

Yes, I did and would not go back. I have a Rogue Super-Magnum 99 with a by-pass switch built in. My home theater receiver is a run of the mill Yamaha. Don't care about movies like I do music. System works great.



I'm very curious to see what you feel like you are missing. The Anthem D2v is simply a spectacular preamp in both two channel and multichannel music.

I will have to agree with Theo. The Anthem D2v is known for it's 2-channel prowess as well at being an incredible HT processor.

You don't what you are missing if you don't try alternatives. My system sounds excellent. Just wondering if there is an opportunity to bring the system up another notch. Thanks for the replies.
I have a d2v and did a pre amp, would not go back. Although the D2v is great it is still solid state by adding a nice tube pre amp my sound stage was warmer, bigger and in every respect better. But then again I am a tube geek so ymmv depending on the pre amp you add.
So, Joseph, you've gotten to replies that don't really apply directly. You do not have a run of the mill processor and do you really want the coloration (aka warmth) HED seeks? It seems to me that Theo and Bill have provided the answer, but if you know what another notch might be, you could try the Parasound pre Kal Rubinson seems so enamored with. It costs only a couple of $K to experiment.