Is It Worth $28 Million?

Maybe you missed the opportunity to add to your collection. Full details are still at

The seller is seeking "a buyer who will guarantee to keep the collection intact-other then to sell duplicate copies-and to keep the music alive for the enjoyment of music lovers, now and for years to come".

So, what would you do with three million records, three hundred thousand CD's?
He doesn't take paypal :(
Pretty difficult to say whether or not it is 99% CRAP or not!!!!!!!

Methinks the odds be agin' it.
Now there's a guy whose turntable endorsement would carry some weight.
Will he give a discount if he stores it for you?
I think it's already been sold off to a number of different buyers and pieces of it are now showing up on eBay. According to one friend of mine in the biz, "This guy has become sort of famous amongst a few of us in the industry - we're all sort of hoping that he gets his ass handed to him financially so that we can raid his collection. He's one of the single most unpleasant people in the vinyl business. When you shop at the store, you're not allowed to browse, you're not allowed to touch, you're not allowed to do anything except make an inquiry as to whether a specific record is in stock." If you want to view a little video with him go here:
Nsgarch has summed it up pretty nicely. Paul does not have much of a pesonality and whenever I shopped at Record Rama I prefered to avoid him.

This sale has been an on again - off again joke around the Pittsburgh area. Even his son (an audio dealer) doesn't want the collection. IMHO, this collection will get sold but not as a whole lot and far less than the $28 million, especially in today's economy.

For you serious vinyl collectors sit tight and I'm sure you will be rewarded.

Just to keep things straight, my post was a quote, not my personal experience (which is zip!)
First I would have to prepare for their arrival by making space in my 12 x 14 listening room, then before I send my Paypal transfer, I would make sure that there were no scratches on any of the albums, otherwise, the deal is off. I just hope that he doesn't expect me to be responsible for the Paypal fee.
Just another pitiful soul who believes anyone that doesn't think like him is somehow a lesser being.
no...there isnt that much good music around...alot of crap though...but...u cant polish a turd!
The clip says his collection is valued at $50m and is up for sale for $3m, where does the 28m come from, or am I missing something? I think he will be lucky if anybody offers him
the $3m he would like, shame technology has gone so far
that the humble album is only really wanted by 0.000001%
of the music buying public.
What a sap!!!
He is correct about records sounding 100 times better than cd.