Is it true that a digital cable has to acclimate to your system?

Just bought a Kimber Orchid AES/EBU cable and it doesn't sound good.  The seller advised me that a certain synergy won't happen until the cable gets used to the other components in your system.  
I am using a Bel Canto CD-2 for a transport and a Bryston BDA-2 for a dac.  The Audioquest Cinammon AES/EBU cable I have sounds much better.

thanks for any wisdom on this.
I won't speak for all users in all systems but in my system, a cable either sounds good at first and might get better or it sounds bad and stays bad.   If that happened to me in my system, I would return it.
My experience with many many AES/EBU cables is just like @spatialking -- first impressions are usually directionally correct, improvement is steady after that but usually does not change the fundamental character of a cable -- and it is certainly nothing to do with "getting used to the other cables in the system"!

If I was you I'd trade up in the AQ line as you like the sound of their base cable -- the Wild AES/EBU is probably the sweet spot on the line for performance vs price -- I've never been convinced about the WEL

The other line I'd recommend is of course Transparent, again a consistent family sound (very warm and organic) that only improves as you move up the line
The explanation is nonsense, however shipping any electronic equipment causes static charge to build-up in the dielectrics.  It takes about 3 days for this to dissipate.  Also, the new connections probably have to adjust at the metal-metal boundaries.  It should sound better after 3 days of break-in.

Steve N.
Empirical Audioi
I use the Orchid and absolutely love it. Tried numerous cables from many other brands,but the Kimber is a keeper for me. And yes a little run in definitely improves its sound. Don't be so quick to give up on it. If in the end you decide to sell it, let me know I might want to purchase it ( what's the length).
It could well change tonally a little for sure, was it bought new or used?
If used it is unlikely to change to any audible degree
If you do not like the sound I cannot see it changing majorly for the better to your ears.
Every cable is going to be different in other systems and to other ears.
Give it a couple days sure but if you are not happy see if you can return although from the complete gobbleygook the seller already gave you they might not.
Unfortunately if nothing actually wrong and you just do not like the sound it would be very hard to force them to accept the return.
Play it nice and maybe they will.

Good luck!
Hello Audiogon Friends - 

I am delighted to say that the Kimber Orchid AES/EBU cable I bought is sounding better and better.  So there must be such a thing as "break-in" for a digital cable,  even if it is a used cable.
At first,  I noticed a very grainy treble coming from my 802D's.  But now,  the soundstage is wider and deeper,  and I am really beginning to enjoy it now.
Thanks for all of your input.

It’s the same with headphone burn-in myth, all that happens is your ears getting used to the sound.

A digital cable is just bits, the only error being timing, which is jitter, which is a raised noise floor, nothing to do with tonality and soundstage.
Thanks,  but I have to disagree.  There is definitely a clear improvement.  I was a piano tuner for 15 years and my ears are very senstive to what they are hearing.  I think Steve from Empirical Audio is right.  He said,  "The explanation is nonsense, however shipping any electronic equipment causes static charge to build-up in the dielectrics. It takes about 3 days for this to dissipate. Also, the new connections probably have to adjust at the metal-metal boundaries. It should sound better after 3 days of break-in.


I find the claim of electrical build-up kinda silly, I don’t see how it could accumulate static during transport, as it’s not in contact with anything other than its packaging, and how it can take dozens of hours to dissipate. You have no way of showing that there actually was a difference, so to dismiss your ears getting accumulated to the sound is kinda a rash decision, as like I said there also is no such thing as headphone burn-in, as proven by many sites as well Sean Olive from Harman (Revel, Mark Levinson, AKG, JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Arcam, etc.), and yet people still choose their hill and defend it.

If a $5 digital cable from Walmart doesn’t need break-in, why would a “Hi-Fi” one need to be? 
The fact you bought a $1000 1.5m digital cable shows that you expect it to sound better than one from say BlueJeans, and should be telling in wether you believe it can get better due to static build-up being dissipated or somehow the fact of plugging it in requires break-in.
Forgot to add that the Blue Jeans one using Belden has far lower capacitance and inductance (this is a good thing) than the Kimber one you got.
Agree with Steve. Digital cables are like any other cables or cords.
Thanks for the tip on the Blue Jeans cable.  Just checked their web site and I think it's worth buying 1.5m one to do an A/B comparison.  It'll only cost $25 to buy it and I can always use an extra for my little recording studio setup..
Can these Kimber Orchid AES/EBU cables be used from DAC to Amplifier? Or should I be looking for another cable? thx
Analog only from DAC to AMP! Only if you have vol control on the DAC.

Piano lover:
What's the big hurry? All new cables need break-in. Every day your system will improve a bit and you don't have to do a thing but enjoy your own music.
Buy used cable and they're ready to go with just a short "reminder" break-in to get the electrons into parade formation.
I find that the electrons behave much better if I whip the cable with another cable of lower quality until I have raised a light perspiration on either me or the cable.
Read my article "Audiophile Law: Thou Shalt Not Overemphasize Burn In" at 
I did not specifically compare digital cables but the evidence is not in favor of its changing.  

My recommendation is to never consider burn in, or break in regarding any Audiophile products. It's a great way to buy a mediocre product. 
Transparent makes one of the most beautiful sounding AES/EBU câbles bar none!
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If it sounded bad at first you are just getting used to the bad sound mixed with expectation bias.