Is it true Genesis is out of business?

I have heard this several times in recent months, and some people have found their website unavailable, but I have accessed the website often recently w/no problems. I think my Genesis 500's are the best speakers I have ever owned--of course, I haven't owned 'em all or heard 'em all, but these have remained in a constantly changing system for 5 yrs and I still love hearing them. If it's true that Genesis is folding, I'd look for great deals on the newer model 501's and other Genesis models. I've had several people lately tell me to stay away from Genesis, given their financial situation, but if I can get some of their speakers for huge discounts, why should I stay away? Is it because of warranty issues? My 500's have been perfect, and couldn't someone else fix a faulty speaker for me (for a price, of course) anyway? I have never had to use the warranty on a speaker, maybe that's just good luck, but I have never had one blow or melt or anything. Any other reason not to buy Genesis speakers at huge discounts, if possible?
Sarah, some of the Genesis parts may be proprietary, i don't know. As such, you might want to "scare up" at least one spare driver for each type in the cabinet. Should some type of accident or part failure rear its' ugly head, you would at least be partially covered. Same thing goes for buying "close-outs" of any type that you really like. Make sure that YOU have parts as the manufacturer might not. Sean
Who's going to service these speakers if Genesis is out of business? Did they produce their own drivers or they've used drivers of the different brand?
Anyway their price is suppose to drop down fast if this is true.
I've already seen a trhead for Genesis like that before. It was very optimistic and people said that this is impossible for them to go out of business! Some people said that they're still active and still produce the world's best speakers.
Yes, they are gone.
I've had tremendous difficulty with them this past year trying to have a woofer amp repaired, then ended up having to buy a new one and wait months for that...then wiring problems, took months of frustration to resolve.....bottom line is the speakers sound FABULOUS, but the company must have been on the edge for awhile, they were quite unreliable. I hope Arnie gets another investor & Genesis is revived from the ashes....but as I understand it they are no longer in business.
It's a shame - they've made some killer products over the years. I recently bought a used pair of Vs that were shipped to me without the amp cables. Thank God I got Genesis to help me resolve the problem (this was in the last two months) before they went out. The speakers sound incredible...

I second the wish that some investors step forward and give us Genesis fans a happy ending.

If someone want's to give up on Genesis, I might be interested to purchase a mint pair of Genesis 350SE or Genesis 201.

yes, it has been just announced at "Stereophile" magazine that Genesis has filed for bankruptcy...the only good thing, according to the article, is that it appears that someone, the owner of "Perpetual Technologies" products as reported, is "99% sure that he'll be buying the brand name for Genesis Technologies and continuing to manufacture some of its available products and have them manufactured in China with the same components and parts as previously built"...
in my case,as i already own two and would like to purchase another one, it was specifically mentioned that he is planning on assembling the 928 subwoofers and selling them for a list price of $1.200, which would be substantially less than the existing list price of $1.700 each.
as far as i am concerned, the 928 are a "best-buy" product, with two servo-controlled 12" metal woofers firing at opposite directions, very fast and agile drivers and yet capable of reaching down to below 20 Hz with vanishing distortion while playing at very high awesome product...!!!
Any new informations about the future of Genesis? I am also a great fan of them because the quality of sound of their speakers is one of the best in the world - I tried much other speakers but none of them were as good. I own a system II.
If it's true that they'll keep producing Genesis parts and speakers in China, hell will freeze before this American ever owns a new Genesis product. Great sounding speakers or not, I won't give a dime of my money voluntarily to murderous communists, nor will I assist in some greedy bastard's plans to stuff his own pockets with the fruits of slave and prison labor while denying his American countrymen employment. Unpopular opinion in these warm, fuzzy, politically-correct times? You bet. Do I care? Not a whit.
Vdub, Go to Wal-Mart, (or any other department store), walk up and down the isles, and tell me where everything is made!!
Arnie Nudell WAS Genesis, and was Infinity. Without Arnie, there is no Genesis, just as there is no Infinity right now.(dont tell me any of the stuff they are turning out even remotely resembles the Infinity of A. Nudell)
By the way, the Infinity EMIM and EMIT, (probably the worlds greatest achievement in driver design, were all made in Japan, by Tarnegin. Made in the USA, does not necessarily mean entirely.
I sincerely hope Arnie gets back into speakers, I am not sure anyone can touch him as a designer......Frank
Frank, you've completely missed the point of my comments. I don't have a problem with most foreign-made products, nor do I have a problem with products specifically made in Japan. I have a problem with products made in China, and American companies that put their own countrymen out of work so that they can maximize profits by exploiting cheap Chinese labor. Most Chinese-made products are the fruits of prison and slave labor. Most prisoners in China are political dissidents whose only crime was to espouse democracy. Maybe misguided globalism can assuage your conscience when you're shopping at Wal-Mart, but I'm sure it's slim consolation to the families of students crushed by tanks for protesting for democracy in Tiananman Square. I'm sure that every woman forced to abort her child because of government-imposed limits on procreation may not understand either. For every baby girl murdered in China because only males can inherit family property, I'm sure there's someone here who can blithely ignore the moral implications of these acts just as long as they can get a bath towel or paper clip or socket wrench cheaper at Wal-Mart. As for American manufacturers who put their workers out on the curb and move production to China, I do not purchase their products. I read the tags on every single item I buy, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, and if it's made in China, I *somehow* manage to do without it. I'm no human-rights crusader, nor am I some leaping liberal. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and die-hard capitalist, but I believe in responsible capitalism, and most of all, the economic and ethical security of my country. Motorola just dumped 25,000 workers so they could move their production from my home state to China to take advantage of exploited labor. Will my next cellphone be a Motorola as my current one is? Hell no. I have many components from many countries in my various audio systems, but none from China, not only because they're junk, but because the issue is larger than my shopping convenience or my choice of leisure-time activities. I will now yield my soapbox so that you can all take potshots at my unpopular opinions and utter lack of political correctness.
Does anybody know where one can get mid-bass couplers & 8" woofers for the Gen V / 305 etc? Basically, does anyone know who the drivers' original manufacturer is (Vdub: they're not Chinese)???
Parts for Genesis speakers: there is a new adress in California under who are able to sell parts for most genesis models.
The idea to assembly some models in china is not bad. I think it is a good idea, but the best idea would be, that there will be a future of Genesis at all.
I live in Germany and own a system II and play it with a wadia 27ix/270. Before I bougt this genesis speaker I tried more or less all other expensive and well known speakers but none of them was as good as the genesis is. And the difference was not only sligtly, the differnece was big!
Here in Germany and in Europe the Genesis speakers have generally a good recommendation in sound and technic. But many people say that the management in business terms was not perfect. For commercial success it is neccassary that the papers like Stereophile and the similar papers here in Europe, that they 'write' about it. And it is the job of the management to get them writing ... The papers don't write 'much' but they are the first source of informations for potential customers. And at the other hand, an item which is not discussed in these papers at all has more or less no chance to success in the market. Here in Germany the Genesis products were not mentioned in theses papers in the last years (in about 1995 to 1998 they were) and as I know, it is quiet similar in USA.
So I think there could be a good chance for a new Genesis if they will be well managed in commercial terms. This does mean affordable prices and it does mean acceptance of market rules.
I had some people of the audio business listening to my Genesis speakers and they generally say that they more or less never heard something with a similar sound performance!
Hi all,

A.C.A. received the following Announcement which I think it might interest Genesis owners:


From: "Jacquelyn Koh"
To: "Audiophile Club of Athens"
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 6:23 AM
Subject: Genesis: News and Launch


I've noticed that your website for the Audiophile Club of Athens at has many articles on Genesis speakers and products, and indicates many members who own our products.

As such I'd like to ask if you would be interested to receive the Press Release for the launch of the new company Genesis Advanced Technologies, which will be taking over the Genesis product line.

We also have the press release on our website at

Thanks and Best Regards,
Genesis Advanced Technologies (Pte) Limited
192 Waterloo Street, Jacquelyn Koh General Manager
#07-01, Skyline Building, DID: (65) 6 332-2300 Fax: (65) 6 339-3112
Singapore 187966