Is it too much to ask....

...that sellers of power amps and integrated amps list the power rating per channel? I looked at 40 or 50 amps today and omly 3 of them listed the power specs. After all, isn't the *most* inmportant spec. how much the amp delivers?

C'mon folks, get a clue!!!

I wish they'd post the COLOR of the amp. Last one I bought on A was silver. I wanted black.
Just doesn't sound right.
Got paint?
Even the manufacturer of my amp does not give execpt specs.

Output power more than 100 W at 8 Ohm.

This is all the info I have about the power output of my amp. Also many manufacturer lie about the power an amp delivers. They state that an amp delivers 100W at 8 Ohm and 200W at 4 Ohm and 400W at 2Ohm. This looks nice on paper, an amp that can double its output each time. But what they do not tell is that the amp delivers maybe 150-160W at 8 Ohm, 250 at 4 and 360 at 2 Ohm.

I would take power output stated by the manufacturer with a (large) grain of salt.

So how meaningfull is it to plish those figures.
"After all, isn't the *most* inmportant spec. how much the amp delivers?"

From a marketing standpoint, but it really does not say much about sound or build quality or how it will mate with your intended speakers.

Really, anytime I see something interesting, i Google it for more information and reviews.
For those out there that are familiar with the term "audiophile," it's this kind of stuff that adds to any of the negative connotations out there about people with our interests.