Is it time to upgrade my amp?

Hi there!

I'm looking for some amplifier upgrade advice. My current system is:
Rega RP6 with Dynavector 10X5 MM (I intend to upgrade the cartridge to a Rega Ania Pro MC)
PS Audio NuWave Phono preamp (just received today and not added to my system yet)
Arcam FMJ A19 integrated amp
Audiolab 8200CD 
Monitor Audio Gold 100
I plan on adding a Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) soon.
Over all my system sounds great but a little harsh so I was considering upgrading to an integrated tube amp <$3k. I have considered, the Rogue Cronus Magnum 3, Sphinx V3 and used Cary SLI-80. None of which I can audition close to home.
Any advice on getting the most out of my system would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Chris

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I also agree with others - upgrade the speakers before going with a new amp. Or, do both. You can find pretty good tube integrateds used for $1.5-2K and decent speakers in the same range in the $1-1.5K if you’re lucky. I saw a Tekton Perfect SET selling for $1200 a little while ago. I’d bet that would be great with the amps you list and you could find both under $3K together if you are patient.