Is it time to upgrade

I'm currently running a Sanders ESL MKII amp, McIntosh C47 preamp, Martin Logan ESLx speakers, a Cambridge Soundworks transport, and an Apple MacBook with Roon.  Everything sounds great, but I have the bug to upgrade.  Looking to get more detail and a bit more low end. 

I'm looking for suggestions to consider.  I've been considering either a McIntosh MC275 amp or a McIntosh C2600 preamp.  Haven't thought about different speakers, but I'm open.  Looking for 1 piece to upgrade that would make the most difference.


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Your preamp/amp are fine! No need to change. Sell the ML's and buy a pair of the new JBL 100's! A far more lively and dynamic sounding speaker, especially for rock and jazz!
Agreed, I would suggest a speaker upgrade to scratch your itch!
     A distributed bass array system was one of the best upgrades I've ever made to my system.  The complete systems cost about $3,000 and consists of 4 relatively small subs and a 1K watt amp that drives all 4 of the 4 ohm subs.  
     These bass systems are especially adept at providing state of the art bass to systems with fast and detailed spkrs that are a bit bass shy  such as electrostatics and planars.
      I have large Magnepan panels that are excellent but somewhat bass shy (good bass output only down to about 37Hz).  I bought the Audio Kinesis Debra system for $3K and my system now has excellent bass response down to 20 Hz that integrates very well with my planars running full frequency.
     These distributed bass array systems do require some extra space in your room but they blend in well in my 23' x16' room.  Here's an Absolute Sound review of the Audio Kinesis Swarm system(which is the same price and very similar to the AK Debra system I own.)

Good luck,
The Diderot Effect.. Upgrade just one thing, then everything else seems not good enough... Then you upgrade re. Go into debt...Then you spend all day reading posts here and commenting on them while deciding what is the next best upgrade...
(My life history this past year!!! I was ’just’ going to upgrade maybe my speakers. from Magnepan 3.6 to 3.7i... Hah. after spending a big pile of money I am still wanting to spend..... Danger Will Robinson Danger!)
But wow my system is amazing.. and way way way better than it was a year ago.
I am not in need of intervention... yet. But if I apply for a second credit card..(resisiting...)... Maybe. I do seem to be settling down.