Is it time to upgrade

I just got new Martin Logan Vistas'and a new Music Hall a70.2 integrated amp and all sounds real good.
But I am using a old Denon 1600 DVD-AUDIO for my CD player'It has the brown burr dac but is quite old now.
Would a newer CD player such as the oppo 95 or the new Rega apollo improve on the old Denon 1600 or any suggestions on a real nice CD player.The $1000 range is my price point/Thanks Bob
Bump/Come on guys lets hear some ideas.I ask this question on AVS'but as normal everyone over their says all CD players sound the same'also all amps'wire' ect all sound the same.I thought hear would be different.
If you have some older cables lying around, try them. They were called 'tone controls' in the old days as each one imparted a different flavor as no cable is really neutral sounding.

I went about a year not listening to my CDP (newer than yours but still uses BB) and tried some old cables and viola!, best sound I've heard in my system. Then I bi wired a 2nd older pair using bananas on the same posts and bingo!, even better (thank goodness I didn't need to use shazam!)

If you think your cables are up to snuff, then a better CDP may be in order, or, if the drive is decent, then maybe a DAC? So many variables. You'll get 10 different responses from 10 different people.

Good luck and all the best,
I forgot your mention of having a $1000 budget for a new CDP so here is my advice: try out the TEAC PD-H600. Think of it as "Esoteric Lite". It's capable of wonderful sound when correctly paired. You can get one at Amazon for 2/3s its retail price or at where I believe they have a return policy.

I love mine, Absolute Sound gave it 'Product of the Year', great reviews (dime a dozen). I'd call onecall to see about that return policy.

All the best,
bobo, esp. in view of the rapid devaluation/devolution of the cd medium, i personally wouldn't drop a grand on a cdp--i'd invest in a separate dac and use your old denon (or equaivalent) as a transport. lots of good ones around $300-500--mf vdac, arcam, rega, cambridge dac magic. not only will those significantly improve sonics, but give you the flexibility of enhancing other digital sources like your pc or cable box. you can spend the savings on quaity bourbon and come out way ahead. just my pontification for the evening.
Well I have a large collection of CD's 500 or so.So I will allways have them.Thanks for the TEAC tip'That one gets alot of good praise.The oppo 95 also looks to be great,Stereophile A+ LIST 'wow.Its Dacs are suppose to be great.And the CD is not going anywhere.It will be here as long as I am alive.

Oppo 95 for sure! with that shinny disc collection your gonna be elated and wait till you stick a usb flash drive in with some hires files! and yeah its Dac's are the cats meow!
i have a simple question:

are you satisfied with the performance of your stereo system ?
Simple question.Is anyone in this hobby satisfied.My old system was a Rotel integrated'Monitor audio rs6'and my current Denon CD 1600.I went 13 years with this system and was happy'but knew I do better.
I finally replaced the Rotel with the new Music Hall a70.2 integrated'the difference was amazing.Not even close.
Then I bought new Martin Logan Vistas'the difference was even bigger.
My Denon while sounding good is old and I know their is better'so I want the best sound possible with my new system.Then I can sleep satisfied.
FWIW, sources are always the best place to look to when you are contemplating a change to, generically speaking, improve the sound of your system. However, differences in the sound from same format sources, like SS digital v SS digital, can be very subtle and dependent on your listening expertise and associated equipment. Quite possibly not worthwhile. Changing the design of the format can be more easily identified, for example the difference between a SS and Tubed CDP can be profound, easily identified, and often preferred. And if you don't like the tone you can change it with a little well considered replacement tubes.

So my recommendation to you would be to watch the AG ads and pick up a good used tubed CDP when one becomes available in your price range. For example a used Raysonic can be found on occasion for less than $1000 (but not often) and its sound is outstanding. For something a bit different, but excellent and much cheaper, and old Cal Audio DAC/Transport combo. The smaller DAC is really a bargin!
Thanks newbie.Good advice.I have been looking at the Jolida tube cdp and a vincent tube.
I was in a similar situation, looking to replace/upgrade my Cambridge Audio 840 CD player. I already have it digital out to a Bryston D/A, so the sound is very good. But I was concerned about the potential of CD players in general, as the specialized transports are being discontinued on a regular basis.

I decided to invest in a "memory" player (the PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport). Its a lot more money than your budget, but it uses a DVD ROM drive instead of the standard CD transport so its "future resistant" from an obsolescense perspective.

It still plays all my CDs and even high res files burned to disk.

BTW, CDs are not going anywhere no matter what the computer audio folks say. For me and the kind of music I like, they are still the main source. I have checked out hig res sources such as HDTracks and the selection of music just sucks. An exception might be SACDs, but you will need a dedicated player for those in any event.
hi bobo7:

you asked a question , here is my answer:

from 1966 to 1973 i owned a stereo system which i prefrred to any i have heard thereafter.

the system in brief was the following:

speakers: 4 quad esl

amps: 4 quad tube mono blocks (2 pair of monos)

preamp: mcintosh c22

analog setup: thorens td 124 table, with ortofon arm and cartiridge.

i have heard thousands of stereo syetms since 1973.

none have given me the plasure when listing to music that the above stereo system did.

the point is that when you are very satisfied with what you here from your stereo system, upgrading is superfluous.
I agree Mrtennis.I am happy with the sound'I might not find anything that sounds as good as my Denon 1600.So I will just wait.Thanks for help guys.
Had to comment on Mr.ts response. I too had a system back in the seventy's that I felt was excellent and at the time was bowled over by it's sonic merits. But I think if we compared it today to my current system we would be quite shocked by it's deficiencies. You can never bring back the joy of youth and it's first experiences with things. It's kind of like that first great car we owned that is now a classic, if we drove it today after driving a modern auto, we would likely say " what a piece of shit".
Should also add, that the audio upgrades I've made have all been done very carefully and purchases were only made after long listening sessions at home, so each change has been a worthwhile and satisfying improvement to the former.
i understand that romantic memory is, perhaps, unreliable.

however, i have yet to hear a speaker i would prefer over a pair of stacked quads.