Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?

Hey All,
There once was a time when I looked forward to shopping for arcane mono classical and jazz vinyl. The anticipation of hearing a newly cleaned recording from 1957 that I didn’t realize existed until just a few hours prior. The satisfaction of owning 200 plus records. But now since I’ve upgraded my DAC and Transport, I’ve become disenchanted with vinyl. It still sounds musical but not nearly as close to a live performance as my digital setup. So I’m now I’m thinking about selling my ASR Mini Basis Exclusive MK 2 phono preamp and my modified Thorens TD 145 with AT 33 mono anniversary cartridge. I could put the money towards a surgical procedure that I’ve been putting off. Will I regret this afterwords? I don’t even know how much to ask for the equipment or whether someone would even take an interest in it. Any ideas out there?
OP, really sorry to hear that health issues would cause such a sacrifice, but of course health must come first. Get well soon.
Eventually I will invest (inheritance) in a better analogue rig. The ASR Basis Exclusive phono stage is on my radar. Maybe a top off the line VPI from Audio Classics. I do like the Tri Planar tonearms but not sure what tables they fit well with. The Lyra cartridges are a solid choice. But it's all speculative at this point. Really hope I can find a way to keep what I've got.
Thanks to all for the kind words.
Not getting the surgery, too many risks.