Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?

Hey All,
There once was a time when I looked forward to shopping for arcane mono classical and jazz vinyl. The anticipation of hearing a newly cleaned recording from 1957 that I didn’t realize existed until just a few hours prior. The satisfaction of owning 200 plus records. But now since I’ve upgraded my DAC and Transport, I’ve become disenchanted with vinyl. It still sounds musical but not nearly as close to a live performance as my digital setup. So I’m now I’m thinking about selling my ASR Mini Basis Exclusive MK 2 phono preamp and my modified Thorens TD 145 with AT 33 mono anniversary cartridge. I could put the money towards a surgical procedure that I’ve been putting off. Will I regret this afterwords? I don’t even know how much to ask for the equipment or whether someone would even take an interest in it. Any ideas out there?
Digital streaming can't replace original vinyl records.

Digital can't replace physical object.

Music from the past originally pressed on vinyl (tapes, cassettes etc) before digital was invented. This is Crème de la crème of analog.

There for a time in the 90's when records cost nothing, dealers who purchased a warehouse of record at that time become millionaires in 15 years. Now record collecting is a lifestyle and an expensive hobby. 

When someone keep telling about digital streaming like an alternative to vinyl records I think for such person music is .... 

1) Something originally recorded digitally (which is definitely not all the great music recorded prior to the 80s). 

2) Just something playing on the background.

3)  Cheap or almost free way to get music online.  

A person who ignore analog (records, tapes etc) is a "normal person", while vinyl lovers are a bit crazy about their hobby. I like crazy people. 

Digital sucks! 


I wonder if people realize how silly they sound when they go on vinyl (or other) rants. I can't relate to people who get so worked up emotionally that logic goes out the window.
reubent, yes I still live in Cincinnati, though I spent a lot of time while growing up in Mass.
With a user name like "Goofyfoot", did you grow up snowboarding at Perfect North Slopes? I'm a Cinci guy. Lived in Hyde Park and East Walnut Hills for years. Now live in Terrace Park.
"Digital can’t replace physical object."

Hmmm, ever heard of video games?

"...dealers who purchased a warehouse of record at that time become millionaires in 15 years..."

What money is that in? If Dollars, Euros, or even British Pounds, it is not that lucrative of an enterprise. About 66 000 a year. Some 5000 a month. Barely over Tekton Moab. Not calculating that those dealers had to purchase a warehouse, too, to keep those records for all those years. Selling tons of records for that money (170 of some money a day, every day for 15 years) means you are packing and mailing all day long for full 15 years. Really, not that good of an investment.

"Digital sucks!"

Definitely! See what can be written on these devious computers.