Is it time to see a shrink?

Recently,I bought a used Krell CDP KAV 280 in SILVER. It is in excellent condition except for two little marks on the side. IT sounds wonderful to my ears BUT I am irriated most of the time looking at its silver color from certain angles and most of all it does not look good with the BLACK Krell(s) I owned. I know I hate those "grey" old Krell look and silver could be beautiful but I still have problem to love the SILVER so I decide to sell it to buy a SACD Standard in BLACK even though I don't listen to SACD often. Does any one have the same issue ?
See my thread "Is it Audio, or is it Art".
place a blindfold over your eyes when you listen to music.
Mr, Tennis. I happen to read your old post : "what's good music?". Last night, I turn off the lights in my small den, just the BLUE power lights and the RED displays and little old "me", Nora Jones / Eta James sound very real right in front of me. Is it real or is it just an illusion ?
hi andrewdoan:

perhaps you asked a rhetorical question.

i will assume you are asking a question for me to answer.

if i am wrong please forgive me.

its all an illusion. the mind fills in what is missing from your stereo system. that's why listening to a table radio is just as statisfying, as far as appreciation of music is concerned. obviously, a table radio may not compete with a stereo system with respect to the usual audiophile criteria.

the person is more important than the stereo system as far as receiving the benefits of listening to music.
Where does reality fit into this illusion? If you get right down to it, isn't everything an illusion?

Nice to see you here again Mrtennis, my brain was getting a little out of shape !!!
Whatever is important to you is important to you and if the silver is bothering you then u really don't have to ask anyone.
Thats why I don't buy Krell products.Apparently no one told you about the tiny transmitter in all their products that produces a microwave which confuses/irritates the chip implant you were made with.Well,its been nice,got to go,off to see my shrink,can't be late you know....though,possibly its already too late....
I think it is the name, "Krell". Just sounds irritating...

Krell makes great gear, just believe in that.
The longer I have the 400Xi the more I love it.Instead " the old man and the sea" It's "MOI", "the old man and the Krell".
Mrtennis...Back in 8/9/06 you remarked how music heard on a table radio can be as moving as music on a superb audio system. The mind fills in what's missing. Very true.

This effect is most evident in movies. Some passionate love scenes in old movies, where they kept their clothes on until the slow fade, are much stronger than those in newer movies where nothing is held back.
Mrtennis, I couldn't agree with you more.