Is it time to just quit?

Time to just quit?                      
Buying audio stuff?                             
Posting to an empty house?                          
My gut feeling is no one is posting in the regular 'free' threads. Maybe they all are paying to post? I could not know, since I am way too cheap to pay to just post 'exclusive'.  Being natural paranoid, I think everyone is posting over there, not here?                                       
Then I also just hit my limit on credit card Paypal. Now I have to become "verified' or no Paypal.    
This also happened at a fortuitous moment, when I was starting to overspend...             
So no buying OR selling here for me (unless I am willing to get the Paypal CC. Which I have to think about)So maybe the Universe is telling me "Time to quit".???  
Not quit listening to music, just NOT buying more stuff and NOT posting more gibberish.
My interest waxes and wanes depending on a lot of factors that probably have little rational basis--
I quit posting for a while and started my own blog on older records because I felt that the gear centric sites didn’t address a lot of more offbeat music and the music sites didn’t seem to address sonics and different pressings.

But I still post here- I guess my point is that you don’t have to make a decision that is absolute- like "i’m not going to buy any more gear" when you don’t need anything right now. Two months or two years from now, that could change.
The key- to me- is to have fun, learn something and be able to contribute where you can.
As to speaking to an ’empty house’ I think you’ve got people here who like you, aren’t patronizing and maybe that’s as good as it gets, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth ...

Personally, I've stopped buying new or used stereo equipment. Tweaks are a different matter though. Because of the tweaks I've added over the past two years or so, I honestly don't think equipment changes are an answer to better sound quality at this point. No need. 

Just enjoy the music. With the advent of streaming, thrift stores and garage sales are teeming with really good CD's. They're really cheap too. I consider my recordings, both LP's and CD's as real components. So, for a buck or two, you can find a "new" component easily. Just stop by a thrift store or garage sale and look around. With proper tweaking, it's just amazing how good red book CD's can sound. 

From what I tell you have a terrific audio system and presumably you are happy with it. You seem to listen to music quite regularly and this is a good thing  in my opinion. What more do you feel necessary to purchese ? If you have no pressing needs just relax, listen and appreciate what you have. I agree with Bill and Frank, get even more into the music. You have established a fine home system.
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Come on ... listening to music? Are you serious? It is so boring....
He he :-)
But listening to digital is like having a shower with thousands 
of tiny ice cubes, listening to vinyl is having the shower with water. And vinyl is a long road (from doing it right), some may find the end, most not.
Don't give up
FWIW I like your posts & humor Liz. Hope you continue to do that. 
In most of my hobbies I have to consciously fight the impulse to let it become about buying more stuff. I've dabbled in a fair amount of stuff and in none of them has there ever been a point at which you couldn't spend more money. In other words, it can become a treadmill. I hate that.

My track car has very few modifications. I've spent money on safety gear and things that wear out like tires and brakes, but that's it.

I have not bought any new camera gear in about 3 years.

I actually like when I get to that point. I become not only satisfied with what I have, but proficient with it as well.

Doesn't mean I'll never buy anything else to improve performance or experience....but that's not what its going to be all about.

As far as forums, well, I have a few that I frequent regarding my hobbies. I find what draws me back is not just expertise or constant discussions about gear, but the people. If people are reasonably civil and intelligent I like hearing the breadth of experience and preference. I might not agree with or believe everything I hear but if it broadens my perspective and horizon then it seems worthwhile to me.

People here have helped me set up my system and get into this hobby a lot more but one of the best outcomes has been exposure to more music just by hearing people's preferences. sounds like you need someone to listen to music with.....look out the window and ask ... get someone to sit down with you.
Maybe you are right, maybe you should sell everything as you once did and start travelling again. Why do you sit up there day after day in a room with endless noises ? No-one will come.
Yeah, don't give up, ever.
Don't Worry. Be Happy.

That's really not bad advice. Elizabeth, I always enjoy your input here. It wouldn't be the same without you. Please stay active on the forum. If you take a break from buying stuff for a while, no problem. Just enjoy what you have. BTW, I'm sure your system sounds great.

There is quite a bit of activity here on some of the music specific posts. What's on your TT, What's in your CD player, What are you streaming? Those are three long standing, active threads that provide a lot on good music recommendations and good camaraderie. Join us on those threads and forget about the equipment for a while. 
I took 8 years off & it was the best move I made since sticking the needle in ,I ran through over 150 pcs of equipment here and on eBay as well as 12 different sets of full range floor standing speakers , as soon as I made it to the top of the McIntosh line with Mc-1201s powering McIntosh XR-290 line arrays out comes MC with an entire new line ,going from 1,200 watts to 2,000 watts for $50k would have been a huge expense for just a notabke difference in sound so I jumped out & put my efforts back into my other hobby which is Harley Davidson motorcycles ,in the 8 years I took off of audio my gear is worth more than I paid and I acquired a 2nd Fatboy " 2015 " ,a Buell lighting ,my 1st Road King "2014 "and a 1955 Panhead Duo Glide with jockey shift and Rocker clutch ,in the 8 years off I discovered j still owned a mint pair of McIntosh XRT-22 line arrays needing new foams that are being rebuilt as we speak ,I remembered I owned a pair of Emotiva XPR-1 1,000 watt monoblocks and the XPR-2 600 wpc stereo amo ,I found my old Dynaco Panor Corp preamp/tuner and matching Dynaco tube out put CD player ,I found my vintage Rotel system along with a pair of Klipsch Heresy 3,s I listened to for a few months & tossed in the attic , I found I still owned 3 unused McIntosh amps and a C-39 Pre/Pro ,a JM Labs center channel and a Mc-HT2 subwoofer along with some super clean McIntosh XL-1 Bookshelf speakers and the matching XL-1W bass module ,I’ve been having hella fun playing with old equipment that’s been stashed away and my main system still grabs me by the short n curlys every time I see the tube warmup notification come across my preamp ,I spent the last 8 years concentrating on room Accoustics I learned j should have addressed before I got past the $5,000 mark In HiFi ,the bass traps I had built and the rear wall diffiser that has an oil painting finish we’re the biggest marked improvements I’ve ever heard & only spent $800 on all 3 treatments .

I think all of us should take at least 5 years off where were no longer looking at the most beautiful new piece in our rigs and just explore our music collections , ,last week I found myself enjoying the hell out of myself listening to some Ice T my 10 year old grandson was playing on my system and I absolutely HATE rap music except Blowfly , any reason you can find to take a step back and get off the roller coaster of flipping gear will be a huge blessing in your life I’m betting ,I had my 90 year old aunt on the back of my street glide for Thanksgiving as one of her bucket list deals & had the time of my life ,I wish we could post pics .
Another +vote for your continued posting, especially, regarding your SA-10 (until I can get a demo). I enjoy your impressions, musings and thoughts.

You have a very fine system to enjoy the music!

Are you considering some kind of gear upgrade? 
Happy Holidays.
“I just want to get my system up about 7% so that I can finally sit back and relax and enjoy the music.” 


Buying stuff becomes a problem for lots of us, instead of enjoying our gear we are already thinking what to change and buy next. We do need to take a break sit and enjoy what we have.
Posting on the other hand is free and fun, we can educate and be educated or at least express our opinion on something.
Other than purchasing a few tweaks now and then I'm basically at a point where I'm simply enjoying the music and looking through the Audiogon forums daily.
My guess is that most of us hit a spot where our interest is dampened.  I hit such a spot about 3 years ago.  I hit retirement, moved to the mountains, and my passion for hiking became my primary focus.  Suddenly, I had an ability to pull the trigger, on day in day out basis, something I enjoyed as much or more than music. At the same time, I was faced with the challenge of trying to integrate my first set of full range speakers into a 14 x 20 room.  I worked hard, learned a lot, spent some money, but wasn't rewarded with much success.  I also found that I didn't have anything new to say on the forum.  I got tired of writing the same things over and over, and reading the same things over and over again.  Pretty soon my listening time was mostly confined to travel time to and from hikes.   Finally, I just said to myself "look, you've got a lifetime of passion for music and about 45K invested in equipment.  You need to get this figured out."   One of the forum discussions prompted me to investigate a possible remedy to what was wrong with the system, and a kind and knowledgeable pillar of the forum guided my through a crossover rebuild that was transformative.  So, the enthusiasm and hours of listening time have been restored to historic levels.  My beloved hobby is back.   This is supposed to be fun, not frustration, but like any rewarding hobby, we face situations where the rewards wane and our focus shifts elsewhere for a variety of reasons.  That is just how it goes.  I think it is more or less normal that our interest and enthusiasm waxes and wanes.  
Thank you all.. I appreciate the kindness. I think I was having some 'holiday blues'... And the post spending blahs. The added excitement of buying stuff.. once it is over...  Then the holiday, and soon to be holidays.
Again thank you all.
Elizabeth as I understand it you have a love of music, time available to enjoy it, , a huge music library and a great setup to do it with.   I envy you!   Just take time stop and smell the roses.   Maybe try to gear down on the spending if that is causing stress.   If not, then have at it.  Downsizing is always an option as well.  You've accumulated a lot of knowledge on these things.  You might even be surprised at how good things might sound for less if needed.

Not quite what it is that you want or expect from these forums?

Still some great members posting pretty regular and a good mix of useful threads for educational purposes. ... Lol.

As far as equipment, I sure as heck wish I could stop the spending!

But it is all too easy to get sucked in to the next big thing especially while perusing these forums!

Was reading a tuner thread and had to slap my face to prevent me looking for ones for sale!

So just relax and enjoy the music on your very nice system.

And keep on trucking here, not much is occurring on the "insider" forums trust me!
Liz... while we don't always agree, you bring a true, sincere, "real world" perspective to many threads that otherwise threaten to veer off into mushroom-stoked la-la land.  Keep on posting.  I've found shopping therapy is quite effective until the c.c. puts on the brakes.  My own theory about inexpensive tweaks is that they keep the endorphins hopping in those lulls between bigger purchases.  Right now I've fallen back on lurking around Amazon and buying good condition used CDs. 
Don't despair Elizabeth, we all go through something similar though most don't want to admit it. There's been a few times when the idea of selling everything had me rethinking this hobby and the costs and efforts to maintain it. 

I think too much emphasis is on buying and not listening, backed by the never ending sales and peer pressures. You have to keep in mind this is one of the most hyped niche industries around. 

I've had a few moments when I thought I was satisfied, and I was, only to read up on what was shiny and new and it provoked that demon inside to "just read up on it" and check it out and then wait and see what some of the respected reviewers had to say and then, bingo! Another sale. More used gear to sell. Now which cables work best with the new set up, and so on.

You have a lot of insight that we all like to hear as well as a great sense of humor. Your posting here is appreciated. The doldrums will pass.

All the best,
If this hobby starts to become unfun I’d day it’s time to quit. Think about your stress level! You don’t want to have a heart attack...
I used to belong to a large Nikon gear based web site. I was a moderator for years and very active. Once I acquired the higher level gear and skill set that suit my purposes I found that I no longer participated as much.

At first my thinking is that I just don’t need advice on gear and basic technique any longer.

But that is self centered thinking since the other half of the equation in forums like this is helping others and not just myself. Admittedly, I am still not super active on that (excellent) site.....but I probably should be simply to pass on what knowledge I have that might be helpful to someone others did for me.

My point is, we should probably try to enjoy helping others as part of our own enjoyment here and other sites....and avenues of life. If I’m preaching here, I’m preaching to myself. I can’t be much help to anybody here at this point. Maybe at some point. But Elizabeth, you can be and have been a help to people here.
I think the powers that be at Audiogon should make certain long time members honorary participants of the Insider Club™ - I vote for Liz, Almarg and Geoff, along with Ralph, Syntax and a whole host of others. That will give it real panache-- so you are getting something for your membership. Should I start a petition? Or a GFMe page? :)

If you really want to empty the Insiders Club in under 60 seconds then by all means induct GK!

Gibberish, alternatively jibberish, jibber-jabber, or gobbledygook, is language that is (or appears to be) nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words, or language games and specialized jargon that seems nonsensical to outsiders.

Elizabeth, that word is a great description of audiophile talk.
Regarding your current ennui you might want to try Ishmael's solution:
Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off—then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball.

I don't get the "quit the things you like" thing as that indicates a lack of passion…although maybe you should dump any interests that engender whining. I have a few expensive hobbies, and the audio one generally gets to a point over the years that only small things (generally these days just new tubes here and there) are needed as my system sounds great. Oh yeah…I still buy CDs. Watches…always seem to have room for a new mechanical watch, but not often and not too precious…I have many and love the damn things. Also, I recently decided to sell some extra items to justify the purchase a couple of new acoustic guitars, which can be expensive but some of these are so astonishing that they’re utterly worth it although you do have to play them, and that’s good as my finger style acoustic jazz and celtic chops, such as they are, disintegrate otherwise. I highly recommend "better" guitars from companies like Santa Cruz, Martin Vintage stuff, Bourgeois (sounds elitist, but Dana builds some real good guitars), Collings, etc., as a way out of Seasonal Affective Disorder even if you don’t play that well, and man…a great guitar makes an amazingly satisfying "absolute sound" right there in your lap, and can ultimately save you some therapist expense.
@onhwy61 : Seafaring didn't work out too well for Ishmael unless floating on a coffin is considered therapy. ;-).

My stress level is one step away from 'soundly sleeping'. LOL            
Way way more like to die from 'inertia' than stress.                          
Maybe I should take up coffin bobbing?                
I would need a good stereo system in the coffin though.
Interesting idea. Would anyone make custom coffin system ? 
Dying from inertia would be a terrible death indeed.
n80, it worked out wonderfully for Ishmael!  Against the mightiest force in nature he survives and lives to tell the tale.  Remember his alternative was a pistol and ball.

everybody dies but the fish and 'ish

A whale is not a fish, but it has ring to it.
Elizabeth,  So much good stuff awaits your shelfs.  
Yes, Ishmael was an adrenaline junky. And maybe there is something to that. 

I drive a car on a racetrack about every other month. Been doing it for years and there are still times on the grid my stomach will be in knots. Goes away as soon as I get on track. Feels euphoric when session is over. Unless I crash. Which I've done once. That's not euphoric.

Elizabeth, don't know you or your situation but maybe something to interrupt the inertia? I'm a big proponent of telling my patients to exercise even though I abhor exercise just for exercise sake. But it is said to release endorphins which can produce, even over time, feelings of wellbeing. Just makes me tired and sore.
Nice to see your name again along with some of the other long time posters. Reubent and I live in the same city and have shared some listening sessions with a local "audiophile" group. I didn't quite fit in, I like guitar anthems , psychedelia, and just plain rock. They liked "good" recordings and classical. Reubent turned me on to DaDa who is just not "Disnee" Land.
I haven't been on the Agon forums for a long time. I read the pertinent forums and sought advice when learning to set up a system (Shadorne was very helpful to my acoustics learning curve as were others). Later, I got the information needed from the Planar Asylum to convert to an active crossover system for my Magnepan's. It was my first attempt at serious tweaking and I was very satisfied with the result and quit reading and just listened (and drank too much) for a long time. (BTW - I bought the used crossover and extra amp thru Agon.)
Then I put a fifty inch Plasma between the speakers and totally screwed up the sound stage. But I knew what the problem was, because of the advice and postings here and on the Planar Asylum. And I think I know the solution, mount it on the back wall. Anyway, point is, the forums are useful and sometimes entertaining. And yes it's easy to get wrapped up in the next great "find" to purchase, luckily I've been happy enough to avoid most of it. Although the power switch on one of the out of production amps failed so I'm back to looking for a used replacement if even just for parts. I did have a backup integrated that I could convert to a power amp and still have something to listen to.
OK, confession, my son was visiting and I played a CD that he couldn't believe I would own or even listen to. So I cranked it up to 0. The amps over heated and shut down. I am seriously looking for some more powerful amps. Oh well, sometimes you can't resist.

Well wishes, Jim Still


"My gut feeling is no one is posting in the regular 'free' threads." Well, seems to me that most are still posting here in no-charge land. I paid to participate on a known backpacking forum for a number of years and stopped paying because it seemed that even folks who would pay good money were just as prone to acting up on forums. Why pay if they can't behave. (BTW, haven't checked out the "paid" forum.)

Elizabeth, you've posted lots of help and your findings over the years and I hope you'll just continue to do the same. Though interests ebb and flow, don't let that get you down. As many have shared, it is just part of the hobby. Listen, enjoy, and contribute when you'd like. Cheers

You have been a member of this and other forums for many years.  As I have made my own journey I have always watched your posts as we are both Maggie lovers.

I went silent for many years as I embraced my system as it is and realized that moving up was not an option.  Now I am back as I am reengaged due to down sizing and also the contemplation of getting back into records again, which may or may not happen.

There are many places to contribute and share the journey without paying.  And even if I do not have the space or room for them I love hearing about the 30.7s as people contribute.

Have a libation and enjoy a favorite artist and reflect on where you began, and p,ease stay engaged as you have SO much to offer.

@stilljim - Hey Jim! How the heck are you? It's been years. Hope all is well. BTW, I still hang out occasionally with a few guys from the local Audiophile Group, but I don't really fit in either.

I'm having a beer and listening to The Alarm at the moment. Just wouldn't work with those audiophile guys......
There you go, Swedish CataCombo system. Those Scandinavians are, not on this forum, never mind.
However, Elizabeth, if I wanted to be very audiophile concrete to the point of idiocy, I would suggest big time upgrading of one of the components, something that would make real difference, jump in the performance. But you just spent so much on cd player and probably can't do it right away. No matter, it's an idea for the near future. Table/arm perhaps ? Power amps ? What would it take to seriously outperform your Bryston amps ? I don't know, but others do. Gryphons almost certainly but they are too expensive even used. Lamm hybrids maybe ?
Welcome back!  Happy Listening!
OP : Maybe you need to DIY something. :) Make your own cables, or a pair of speakers or something.

You like power cords, why not make a couple?
insider ? Pay ? WTF
i am having way 2 much fun of late
put the NAIM into overcurrent Protection today with the DMM
building some calibration curves for the iPad RTA
waiting for UPS to deliver my analog circuit book and Clapto live in San Diego CD

glad to be alive

aint no u hauls going to heaven

please stay
i always enjoy what you have to say

Sounds as if it might be time to take a break for a while.  You'll know when it's time to return.  Give your mind a rest and just enjoy what you've got until then.
Elizabeth I hope you can continue your presence here. I've enjoyed your posts. A thought. What's really exciting to do, at least for me, is find really good vintage equipment in the wild for almost no money at all at thrift stores. The challenge is to assemble amazing systems that approach your keeper one. There are endless combinations. You can give whole amazing systems away to people who want to get into the hobby or sell them for $200 or less to recapture your outlay. The excitement of the hunt and finding things in the wild can be a thrill. You'll also get amazing CDs or LPs on the process. Could be a cure for your ennui. 
Some PS Audio Noise Harvesters arrived today (36 hours ordered from Music Direct , free shipping, to my door). I wrote a new thread about what I found.                  
Thanks to all offering a kind word.                                

@reubent Yes, it has been awhile. I lost touch with the folks who were sending out invites to the get together's. Never did get to play Widespread Panic on one of those high end systems. Wonder if the "Any Audiophiles in Cincinnati?" thread is still going?

Hope you and the family are well. If I recall correctly, you were adjusting your system because the kids were getting old enough to mess with it and you were afraid they might hurt themselves. What did you end up with? Are they old enough now to enjoy the listening?

The DaDa Cd is still one of my favorites. I will always be grateful that you played that for us.

I retired this year and gave up my longtime e-mail address. It's now [email protected]

Hope to see you again someday. Jim Still
@stilljim - Don't want to hijack Elizabeth's thread, so let's take it offline. We should get together for a listening session sometime. I've bought a few albums since we last met... ;~)
@reubent  - Yes, you are right. Elizabeth my apologies. I wasn't thinking.