Is it time that Klipsch Heritage marketing a subwoofer?

In a recent review, influencer/reviewer Andrew Robinson said that he thinks it’s high time Klipsch designed and marketed a subwoofer for use with its Heritage line products. I fully agree!

For years I’ve thought Klipsch should do this. There are many folks running subwoofers with Heritage speakers. Dialing in subs with Heritage products can create a loudspeaker system that can take your breath away. What’s more, it seems like Klipsch is (a) losing out on sales of subwoofers here; and (b) could design the products to work specifically well with its Heritage speakers.


All thoughts and opinions welcome, but if you hate horns, hate Klipsch, etc. please move on and let those on this thread suffer.

PS Please forgive the grammatical error in the title. Audiogon won't let you edit titles (still). 

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A proper bass horn not a sub would be best but it won't get made it would be large and costly.

With todays driver and amplifier tech with dsp, a dual-opposed 15” arrangement in a sealed enclosure wrapped in matching veneers to compliment the Heritage line would be a winner and marketable, imo.