Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me

I figured I ask the community what is hurting me more with my ad for my Nordost Heimdall speaker cables I have listed here , and on USAM. I have had them on USAM for several months, here on Audiogon for about a week. My only response were from scammers one from Vietnam another China. I have them priced to sell. Just figured I would get some feedback.
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In my opinion it is the uneven length. 14 feet and 7 feet uneven pair is tough.Might as well try to sell them individually for people who has higher end Home Theater setup and need one good cable for center channel.
Two different lengths of mediocre cable good luck with that.
So are you saying Nordost Heimdall is mediocre?
Mark, I agree.  EBM-really?

"priced to sell"

If that’s true, then you would have sold them.

I’m a Nordost user, also have sold as I go up the food chain. Like any brand, it’s value is what the market will bear. As a seller, I naturally want the most money I can get for something. Being a user who can only afford to buy the stuff used, the value is no more than HALF of retail, at best. Whatever brand!

Thru patience, I’m able to have a complete setup of the latest for a tolerable price. No complaints of a company setting their MSRP. I just wouldn’t be able to experience upper level Nordost at retail.

Sellers shouldn’t get miffed seeing what they think is a lowball offer on audio stuff, particularly cable. When I get an offer too low, I just ignore it. It it hasn’t moved in awhile, time to re visit what you think it’s really worth.

Painfull reality, but that’s how to get rid of it quick. I’ve sold a few Nordost pieces, much to the delight of the new owner.

edit-the uneven length/blem is another couple of bucks LESS than a perfect set.
I never liked Nordost to me its not very musical.I compared it to Purist which in my system had better bass detail,impact and musicality.But thats me it may sound great in some systems.
Because you don't like Nordost does not make it a mediocre cable.
Thanks for your wisdom!
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I guess I will be the elephant in the room and ask....
Why do you even have an unequal length "set" of cables?.

I could use unequal length cables due to my rack placement being 6 ft and 13ft but I use equal 13ft lengths for both.

Hardly can be called a "set" imho.

You may be better off marketing them as separate sales, one as a high quality center channel cable and the other as a high quality line level subwoofer cable.

I honestly think the odd lengths are having a large detrimental effect on your sale.

Moved through plenty of Nordost cables in my life and ALL of them sold very quickly at the right price.

So if I may be so bold as to opine they just cannot be " the right price" yet.
I received them in a deal did with my dealer I am not the original owner.
Maybe I will list them separately but considering retail on the lengths I have $2300.00 I'm listing them at $500.00. 
Thanks Mark
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I must admit I had not bothered to look at your ad until now.
Your price is fair I agree, I would not be overly worried over the cosmetic damages myself.

However I still believe it is the odd lengths that is the killer.

i May be one of the few who have actually used similar odd speaker cable lengths and I honestly could detect no imbalance or difference between channels.

So as you may be close to right price, obviously you have not found that special buyer who is likewise unconcerned over the unequal lengths.
Best of luck as they are great cables no doubt n the right system. A little lean at times which could be a boon for those with excess bass energy to tame.

I see him saying the damage is to the shorter set.
Although no clue as to how far from a connection is given.
The damage is cosmetic flaw not a compromise to the electrical conductivity of the cable.
While I understand that the damage is cosmetic - as a past buyer and seller of Nordost cables I have found, and would expect, that any damage to the look and layout of the conductors is simply unacceptable -- there's plenty of other cables available without these issues. 

As others have suggested your best bet is to split the longer length and sell this as a 7' pair with the other piece thrown in for free -- frankly I think you'd get as good as if not a better price then you're currently aiming for with this combo.
I tried that Nordost will not shorten length anymore. If I'd it myself it would further devalue the cables
I wish you luck but I fear Folkfreak may be correct as I just do not see any others for sale with cosmetic hiccups so between that AND the unequal lengths the odds are stacked against you for sure.

I know you said Nordost will not help but do you have a good trustworthy store near you that may do the work for you?
Which is one of the reasons I moved away from Nordost ... lousy ongoing support. Audio quest will determinate or cut down any length of their cables at cost whenever you want. I’ve had a 12m balanced converted to three shorter cables, and then had two of these re-terminated single ended with no problems. 

As as others suggest any competent cable engineer can do the work for you. I use Mike at Verastarr when I need this sort of work done. He will give you a good price and he works quickly.