Selling components to upgrade to Sanders 10c esl system. All sold but my Quad 989's since March. All immaculate, low hrs, well priced. Listed 2 mos & ready
re-list again. So far, NO response even to pricing. Good photos, DETAILED
listing, free cable bonus-not a bite. No competition on line -few listings.
What am I missing OR is it the time of year ? All thoughts welcomed. Audifan
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Probably a little bit of both. This is a notoriously bad time of year to be selling audio gear, as folks are usually tending more to other hobbies, like bikes, boats, cars, etc. The winter months are better selling months.

Your Quad speakers are not an easy sell, they are big and inefficient. They require a large room for proper set up, and lots of amplifier power. They are also very large speakers with no original packing, which makes transport difficult, so you are somewhat limited to local buyers, which would reduce interest even more.

While I know that there is a market for Quads, your ad doesn't help either. Typing in all caps with no breaks, or white space, makes it very difficult to read.

Good luck with your sale. Maybe take a break, and re-write a cleaner, nicer looking ad in October.
Speakers are the hardest components to sell because of the shipping complications even with original packaging even for conventional dynamic speakers. I often found that advertising on CL makes often sale more efficient. Check wanteds often and pitch the speakers... convince etc...
I agree with the 2 comments above and will add my .02 cents
worth. I was a Quad dealer back in the day and have
personally owned several different pairs.

The Quads are notoriously unreliable. Case in point...your
pair. According to your ad, one speaker had a couple of
panels replaced, only to have another panel fail and then
all the panels were replaced. Now you have a pair of
speakers that are no longer matched (i.e. one has 50 hours
and one has 350 hours of use and break-in). I'm glad you
were honest, but I think maybe this is hindering the sale

I probably wouldn't buy this pair, just from my knowledge
about the brand, but this doesn't mean you can't sell them.
I'm sure if a potential buyer has done the research, they
would find that the Quads require a little more care in
setup and major care in selecting just the right gear to
drive them. Some buyers might not want to spend the time.

Once the Quads are given the right food and setup correctly
and used within their limitations, they can be magic.

Good luck with the sale. Just hang in there and sooner or
later they should sell. I know that Roger (Sanders) takes
trade-ins sometimes. Have you asked him about trading in
your Quads? BTW, Roger and Angela are terrific people and
make excellent gear!

(This is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth.)
Mofi makes some excellent points about Quad speakers and I agree, but when equipment doesn't sell it is usually the price.
Here's my critique of your ad.

Price, for a set of 989s I think you're asking too much. The issue is clouded by the 3 power cords you're including. They probably are excellent cords, but the brand is obscure. You should price the speakers separately.

Feedback -- you only have one transaction and you're new to Audiogon. For a higher dollar item this could put some people off.


Based upon your description of the history of your pair of Quads you come across as honest. The attention to detail on the shipping crates is also very positive. Don't despair, keep you ad running for you'll eventually find the right buyer. Just be open to negotiation on the price.
how can speaker that only have 1000hrs lifespan have 350hrs of break in?
The time required to sell any item is most related to the offer price.
Advice taken- ad re-edited & questions clarified. Thank you for your input.
(still feel it's the time of the year) Audifan
Thank you for the feedback. . Comments noted, questions addressed and have
pared down contents in easier to read form.
Bottom line- still think it's the time of year. Audifan
The time of year is definitely NOT your ally.