Is it safe to buy from Audiogon sellers?

Dear audiophiles, 

Is it safe to buy products from audiogon sellers ( person or shop)? I don't want to receive goods contrary to the description on the audiogon web.  Unlike eBay, there seems no guarantee over here? Am I right?  Those who have plenty of buy & sell experience here, pls. kindly give me your advice, My location is fin Far East which is far from U.S.A. Tks.

Thank you all for you kind and detail response.  I think I might buy something which need not repair such as cables.   The only thing  I need to concern is the fake items.  I will follow the above advice to be careful for the response or the record from the seller. 
Never a problem purchased multiple speakers amp, pre, phono pre, CD player, turntable, cartridges lps all with great results. I do lots of research first will Google seller to make certain they live where they say, study feedback and pick up goods whenever possible. I've also sold without any problems
I've bought probably a dozen items from Audigon over the past 6 - 8 years and I've never had a bad experience. Some of these were cables and some were expensive components.

Having said that, I check the feedback for sellers carefully and I also correspond a bit with them before I buy. And I use PayPal and a credit card with that as well.

My general rule is that if someone has 0 or little feedback, more than a few % points of (or any) negative feedback, or is out of the country, I don't engage.

My apologies in advance to new sellers...I'll get a bit of a taste of my own approach as I start selling some surplus equipment myself.

Dont assume these audio salons are going to have your back..they make their reputation and feedback off of the good will of most their clients...You see many of audiogons members  change equiptment as quick as they buy it and dont even fill out a warranty card on a new item...Big bucks spent here ...Anything glaring that comes up ..they are more inclined to let it go....and some of these pro sellers will give great feedback to a buyer right away to basically buy off any issues...The buyers are more inclined not to pursue a bad review....thats how many sellers on here and ebay  get stellar  feedback...NOT by any great  customer service! A private seller ive found has more integrity and the ones who dont you know it right away ....and just pass the ad