Is it safe to A/B 2 different speakers using my int. amp's balance so I can compare?

Just got a pair of Rega RS1s and own some Focal 714s.  I have a SS integrated amp with mono that pumps 100/channel.

I'm bad with listening retention where I play a song using one pair of speakers, switch them out with the new pair, and recall differences between the 2.  Will I get a good representation of from each speaker if I connected the Rega to the LEFT and the Focal to the RIGHT channel and just toggle L-R between the two during a song?  I do realize I will lose the soundstage & imaging, but am interesting in hearing the musicality and tone of each.  The next question, and more important one, is this safe?  Thanks.
Unless the speakers have exactly the same sensitivity at all frequencies, there will be differences in frequency response.  Also the speaker with the overall higher sensitivity will have more output.  Supposedly, psycho-acoustic studies show most people will prefer the louder of two speakers. 
Listen to one pair for a while (hours, over a few days, which ever you can get away with), and then do the same with the other pair…this is basically what pro reviewers do. If need be, take notes…one pair will likely make you feel better than the other.
Rega is 90 db
Focal is 91 db

I did A/B as posted and do prefer the Rega though, yet it was louder.  I did NOT have it in Mono though.  I think I just need to train my ears and do as the wolf-man suggests.  Thanks for the replies.
..just the placement in the room makes a huge difference.....this is probably not a sound idea.
I prefer Monitor Audio to both of those. :) I find the Rega's like the Monarchy's, way to laid back.
Well, remember the goal is not to hear whether you can hear a difference. The goal is to understand which you are going to enjoy more. I would say do the opposite. Spend an hour or more with each pair. Switch. Are you desperate to switch back?

Do it once more.

If you can’t tell the difference during this experiment, buy the cheaper one. :)


Also, imaging and clarity are not easily discernible with a single speaker. You need to hear the stereo presentation.

If you do hear a difference, put a reasonable financial value on it. Does the air around the strings really make you want to put out $500 more? $5? How much?

Don't just blindly buy the "better" one if the ways in which it's better aren't worth the cash.


Yeah, but to answer OP’s question, I can’t see that it would hurt anything. Not as the sole way of testing/deciding, but it might be interesting to set the two side by side near the center, switch the amp to mono and listen for differences in tone, dynamics, etc. You’d need to balance output using an SPL meter when switching back and forth. Could maybe give insight into why one is preferred over the other when listening in the usual way.
Read my post and do what I said…ignore the other posts (although they're all BRILLIANT). I'll wait here.  OK then…or…put on one speaker in mono and sit in front of it for HOURS…take a break, and then listen to the other speaker for hours then do this again every day for a month. After a month, get rid of both pairs of speakers, move to an apartment near the beach and learn how to surf. Take a long solo backpacking trip around the world and return to unemployment and your angry uncle Clem, and then sit on the commuter train with your earbuds and a vacant stare.