Is it Safe/ok to Plug Amplifier into Processor

I recently got some used separates, I have a Outlaw 950 and a adcom gfa 7400. Now unfortunately the Adcom doesnt have remote capabilities, therefore I was thinking of plugging it into the Outlaw. Now my question is if it is safe to plug a power amplifier into the processor to allow for shut off when the Processor is turned off.

There is probably a maximum power rating on the back of your Outlaw's AC receptacles. I would strongly recommend against plugging the amp in there for a couple reasons. First, it is probably only designed to run accessories like a DVD player (low wattage). Second, pulling that much current through the Outlaw's power cord would likely add distortion.
I use Radio controlled mains sockets, plug it into the outlet and plug in the appliance power cord. I also have a couple of Monster AV 5500+ units that are designed to switch off the accessory sockets when the Main (tv) appliance is switched off.