Is it Safe/ok to Plug Amplifier into Processor

I recently got some used separates, I have a Outlaw 950 and a adcom gfa 7400. Now unfortunately the Adcom doesnt have remote capabilities, therefore I was thinking of plugging it into the Outlaw. Now my question is if it is safe to plug a power amplifier into the processor to allow for shut off when the Processor is turned off.

In general, I would say it is not a good idea to plug a power amp into a pre-amp or processor as a power source. Better to plug everything separately into a device designed to provide good clean power to other devices, in particular to a power amp. I've found even a mid-line power strip from say Monster that may cost a couple hundred new these days does a pretty good job providing clean power that results in improved sound, usually in terms of detail, transients and soundstage accuracy. I use such a device from Monster with a Musical Fidelity 150W/ch amp rather than plug the amp into my pre-amp for easy switched on/off.

But still it might be possible.

Check the output power rating on the processor first compared to the amp power consumption to make sure the amp does not draw more power than the processor is capable of providing.
I would say stay away from it.

Several years ago I put a carver amp plugged into a yamaha digital surround receiver.

I blew something out in the carver amp and had to get it fixed. Amps usually need more current then the receiver can give.

Heres what you do David. Get a Monster 3500 or better (may be 3500 or 3600 and better) conditioner and plug the amp into that. The 3500 and better monsters have an ac in which allows you to plug a cord from the monster into your reciever ac outlet. So, when your receiver turns on, the monster then turns on, thus turning on your amp cause your amps in the Monster, and I'm not talking its belly!

I did that after I blew the carver amp out. I was always one that does not like to leave my amp on so I understand wanting to turn it off with the system. I am fortunate that my EAD multi has a trigger that my processor turns on.
Doesn't the GFA 7400 have a 12 volt trigger input and the Outlaw 950 two 12volt trigger outputs?
I actually recently purchased a Belkin Pure av pf60,(great deals online btw) and I think it has some switching, but I am not yet sure how it exactly works. I think it may allow me to set the outlet to turn off when the processor is turned off.

If anyone is familar with this Belkin unit I would appreciate the help.

There is probably a maximum power rating on the back of your Outlaw's AC receptacles. I would strongly recommend against plugging the amp in there for a couple reasons. First, it is probably only designed to run accessories like a DVD player (low wattage). Second, pulling that much current through the Outlaw's power cord would likely add distortion.
I use Radio controlled mains sockets, plug it into the outlet and plug in the appliance power cord. I also have a couple of Monster AV 5500+ units that are designed to switch off the accessory sockets when the Main (tv) appliance is switched off.