is it sacrilege?

My wife wants to put a staue on each of my audio physic tempo floorstanders. They are on spikes.
Should it be O.K.? They actually look kinda nice though I hate to admit it.
Do you want to have sex or not? I would call them vibration control devises and tell your wife they are wonderful.
HeHe, my wife always did the same thing with my VMPS towers...very popular wife thing! Put something under them so they don't vibrate, or scratch should the get knocked over.

Good thing about my planer speakers...nothing like that will fit on top.

If it still sounds good, then you can get copies of the statues and sell them as "speaker enhancers" or such!
as long as they don't need to be watered. I still have a big ugly water stain ring on top of one of my '75 vintage Infinity Monitor IIa's, that are otherwise in near mint condition. This from a plant my wife decided would look real nice sitting on top of the speaker. No way it will come out.
I think a statue of Venus Di Milo would be just fine.
get a nic-nac table
Put the statues in small acrylic cases first. They won't look quite so stupid, and won't have to be dusted by certain non-audiophiles.
It is sacrilege.
Bdgregory, have you tried calling a furniture re-finisher, or a woodworking outlet? Perhaps some type of oil will work.
Time to stand your ground.

Next thing you know she will have you moving them around.
Buy pointed speakers!
Sure it should be OK...don't worry at all about your wife.

It is a social signal. She is just marking her territory with a clear signal to all others. Her mark, the statue, sits over and above your dominion, the stereo speakers.

If you want your wife to be happy then you must show obeyance by allowing her to make these social statements about her authority over your dominion.
I would suggest heavy brass - have you ever heard of / seen Totem Beaks? They actually improve the sound by reducing cabinet vibrations.
It's a win-win situation.
And yet another reason to stay singel emerges from the forums at AudioGon. Statues on speakers...what's next speaker grills?
Ya know, everytime I see someone selling their big speakers because the wife says, "Either they go or I do", I get a mental image of a guy saying, "Let me think about that".

Would it be bigamy to marry the speakers?
I believe that it depends entirely as to what the statues are depictions of!

Yes, think this through...

Everything has possibilities.
As Cdc suggests, just pretend they're Totem Beaks and enjoy their appearance. And soon, you'll be thanking Bryanhod for his advice. :•)
Does she allow you to put your sports memorabilia in the kitchen? No, right! Some things are off limits, and unfortunately this one had NO win/win solution.

Leave the music system as a music system and not a statue stand.
I've learned something new again. Thanks Shadorne. I never knew that women had territory. It must be a sign of the 21st century.

Live and learn.

Next thing they'll have thingies and we'll call them men.
Tell her you would like to put speakers in front of her vanity mirror in bedroom. Fair is fair!
It is sacrilege to own both good speakers and a wife.
do it and just remove them when you need to listen
I would have a hard time listening to my music with two things staring at me. Now if they are made from either brass or carbon fiber, then perhaps the anti vibration control would outweight the uncomfortable stare down.
Reylon, that should have been "It is sacrilege to own good speakers and have a good wife". Now I agree with that but owning a good wife is a little too much for me.
Old fashion theory must have been sacrilege to own a good wife and have good speakers.

Modern theory I believe is it is a sacrilege to have a good time, good speakers, good toys, and you should certainly have a wife. Good!
If the statues are valuable tell her that research has shown that sustained vibrations such as those from a speaker have been known to degrade the internal molecular structure of (insert statue material here) and that one day they might just crumble/shatter to pieces.
say the speakers vibrate and the thing may fall off.
Lakefront: :)
Uh, what's next? I think it's kind of like an animal marking it's territory. Once it has peed somewhere, it will pee everywhere. You might come home to find candles and such on your pre amp, or a plant on your c.d. player.

I have a theory: if fate is tempted, fate will deal you misery. It will only be a matter of time whan casual statue dusting means a damaged tweeter. Heed my warning!