Is it possible to use the amp section of a int amp

Is is possible to use just the amp section of say
a Acurus DIA 100 intergrated amp.I have another pre-amp,
and would love to try this out.
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If the integrated amp has the pre-out/main-in jacks on the back you can certainly do it..
My recollection of the DIA was that the preamp portion of it was passive, so there was no input which would bypass the preamp section. You might try just using one of the inputs, but I don't think you can go directly into the amp. However, it was a well-designed product (a number of my friends bought it) and the degradation going through the passive preamp portion of it could well be minimal.
Right, just make sure the Acurus volume control is turned all the way up. Then use the volume control on your other preamp to adjust sound level.