Is it possible to categorize the Member Reviews section?

I recently found the Member Reviews section and wish it were the same as the old Audiogon website.  With the old website, the reviews were categorized by equipment type, not by latest posting.  That made it easier to search what you were looking for.....or is there a better way to search the database of reviews on Audiogon?

I love everything else on the new (well not so new anymore) A'gon site.  Thanks
Not this week don't hold you breath until they do this its all about the money!!
I can't even find the review section.
I also haven't been able to find it. lou how did you get to it ? Thanks in advance.

When you go under Topics, it's at the bottom under Member Reviews
DUH !! Thanks lou !!!!

lou use the search function, magnifier, at top of page.