Is it possible to adapt kt88 to a 6A3 single ended

Is it possible to for kt88/7AC base tubes with an adapter to be plug in a 6A3 SE amp?
Ignore Almarg. Wire it up as you see fit and flip the power switch. Just be sure to stand behind a 2" lexan shield and have a fire extinguisher ready. And whatever you do don't alert you insurance carrier.
Realdeal what would you do if ralph from atmasphere pops in on this thread and echo's Al's response?
I feel Al, Ralph and a few others are extremely well versed in electronic theory and application; their advice is solid.
Realdeal I was thinking about this thread and was wondering what design parameters are you considering to implement with this attempt?
Found the 10-19 post below on the "Designer Hall of Fame" thread started in '08. Now if we only knew OV, might have a clue what's going on with this line of inquiry.

10-19-15: Realdeal
OV,who designed tube rectified OTL,using DHT tube as an OPT or any of the 7ac based tubes.Make it possible for kt66/88 or any 7ac based tube directly plugged into a 4 pin socket of a 6A3 single ended amp without amplifier mod.
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Thanks, Ghosthouse. Perhaps in addition to clarifying who OV is, Realdeal can provide a link to detailed information about that amplifier. I find it hard to imagine, to put it mildly, that a practical audio power amplifier using a single-ended 6A3 as its output tube could be implemented as an OTL (i.e., without an output transformer).

Charles, Rleff, Onhwy61, thanks also :-)

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