Is it possible one channel of my DAC is clipping?


I have an OPPO Sonica DAC, I love the sound of it overall. However on some tracks, distorted guitar in particular I get some light crackling out of my right speaker.

If I switch my inputs into my amp - it travels with the channel, so it’s not the speakers (and I’ve tried other speakers also). It’s also not the amp.. as it travels with the channel on the DAC.

I do also get it if I run it through a pre-amp.

Some of the tracks I can hear a bit of it on another system, though not all of the time.

Any thoughts? I’ll probably try a new DAC here soon, but simply wondering others thoughts. I do keep my DAC close to maxed out (32bit) but even reducing it a bit and using my computer to control the volume (via roon) I can’t seem to eliminate it.


I had this problem, it seemed due to poor implementation of the upsampling algorithm.

If you have any sort of upsampling, disable it and see if it's still there.
It’s more common for problems to appear in one channel than both. All electronics are subject to some kind of failure in one form or another.
I will check that.  I believe Roon is doing all of my processing/upsampling.  But will go through that Menu here tonight or tomorrow.  I believe the OPPO just puts out what it gets.