Is it okay to talk around your speakers?

When a system is not on, should you avoid making any noise near the speakers? I am thinking about back EMF caused by the speaker cones moving and then sending voltage backwards into the crossover and the rest of the system - could this cause damage or even minor degradation to the sound quality after a while? Do you unhook the speakers when not in use just to be on the safe side?
I wouldn't worry about it too much.After all the world is coming to an end in a couple of years.
I never talk around my speakers. Don't even whisper. Even thinking near them can cause problems. Be careful what you have on for jeans at the time also.
I have covers made out of the same material as my argyle socks that I use when they're not on. I don't even want to look at them unless they're playing.
Wow, I thought I had heard everything, but that's a new one. I certainly don't think normal conversation of any volume would create enough movement of the drivers to cause any back EMF, especially without an electrical signal entering the cones.
I put cryo-treated tin foil hats on my speakers to prevent any bad vibes from penetrating.
also, avert thine eyes. high end loudspeakers hate direct eye contact.
Quite the opposite....I have a smaller system in my dedicated room that plays "Baby Mozart" on mini monitors to keep them company and in a sublime mood. I understood that these speakers have a very delicate sensitivity and can't endure neglect for long periods. Also fresh flowers daily,at least it keeps the maid busy.
I want some of whatever you're smoking.
They are SPEAKERS, not LISTENERS. They speak. They do not listen. (Hmm . . . reminds me of . . .)
A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse.
Simply talk off-axis & you won't have any problems. This applies to all types of designs.

I have heard it said not to talk closer than the 1st reflection point but that's never been proven.
It might sound dumber, but do speakers remember the music they play? There is a school of thought on this. For example, never play Rap or metal on a system that is used for jazz- it will be damaged forever. It will still play, but not as well. It won't really ever sound good again.

On dealer also told me to never place speakers in a spot that is a "bass node" - IT will cause damage?
This is becoming my favorite comedy site.
I don't talk much to my speakers, other than the occasional "Thank you" after I give them a good Hug!!!
I tip-toe quietly around mine.

Make sure you feed yours with only the highest quality components.

If you ever sell them, mention this in the ad, speakers do have a memory.
speakers are workhorses/motors

the dealer is selling 'mystique'

emphasis on the word selling
Yes, speakers do remember the music they play very well. Whenever I play a song I have played before the speakers sound the same. It's as if they remember every note.
I guess this is the result of too much obsessive thinking.
I worry about you guys a lot.
At least it is another good excuse to buy new speakers: "Darling, you were on the PHONE in the SAME ROOM as my system and ruined my speakers with all that talking... I have to buy NEW speakers AND a new amp because of your thoughtlessness."
hehehe! i did not really mean remember each note for note like a CD Recorder. I just wonder if there is something that can happen. For example, maybe the type of music played on new speakers sets up a general vibe forever. Like maybe it sets up a magnetic field in crossover or even aligns electrons in the cables and wires a certain way and they tend to stay that way for a while.

Okay, if you are still with me. When I had college physics, we put dust in a clear plastic horizontal tube and then played a pure sound wave in the tube. The dust, after a while, ends up in little piles spaced at the wave length of the sound (I think it is one wave). This prooves that sound caused high and low pressure areas. It travels in a compression type wave. You don't want speakers in a high pressure area IF you played the same bass Hz for a long enough time. or is it the low pressure area?
Its ok so long as you speak in tongues. Most speakers understand english and don't care for non singing voices,. I would unplug them at night so they get a goodnight's rest. Messaging their backs put them in a good mood but some candlelight really enhances the effect. Mostly, after a day and night of playing tunes they like being left alone to ponder all the notes they've played. Since they're mostly twins they have a telepathic relationship with their other half and i think they dream in song. Pretend your in a library and you should be o.k.
>When I had college physics

You expect us to believe that?
Wackey Tobacky?
Gee, I had been wondering if there was a way to break in new speakers without putting a lot of hours on the tubes in my amplifier. I just have to hold a lot of cocktail parties!

-- Al :-)
11-07-10: Almarg
Gee, I had been wondering if there was a way to break in new speakers without putting a lot of hours on the tubes in my amplifier. I just have to hold a lot of cocktail parties!
Seat the ladies nearest to them for best results.
How does one even think up something like this ?
This is no more wacky than cable burn in. Yet another "urban legend"...
Al, I would not advise such a method. Your speakers will then after, always sound a bit tipsy!
Best to use sign language around your speakers.

Most of them have extremely fragile egos.

Especially the high sensitivity models.
Al, I would'nt advise such a method. Your speakers will then after, always sound a bit tipsy!
Cables don't really burn like fire, they learn. See, the free electrons in the metalic structure, which exist in a cloud, and are not really attached to any specific proton, stabalise and begin to work together. When they all start pulling in the same direction then the cables are ready.

I think the audio store i used to shop at unhooked all unused speakers so morons that couldn't keep hands in pockets could not crank-it-up and damage or annoy the store workers.
In 'The Italian Job', one of the characters was going to use his share of the loot to buy a stereo system which could "play so loud it would blow women's clothes off." Is that what you are thinking of?
The best thing about this thread is that it prompted Al to give a totally untechnical response. And no, Al, I am not busting on you -- your very informative replies are always much appreicated.
I live alone.. so it's problematic for me to be talking around my speakers.... usaully I just talk to them.

How you guys doing? Like the new Obamama health plan? What did you think about that Yemen thingy the other day? How about them S. F. Giants!

All that said, at times, I talk around my speakers, but never about my speakers ... while they are in ear shot anyhow.

Why boost their egos, give them cause for anxiety, or anger them needlessly?

Speakers should be kept like mushrooms... out of direct sunlight, fed lots of juice, and in cool dark places.
Gentlemen&Lady, you may not be aware of the seminal paper co-authored by Italian computational neurologist Stefano cappa and by Dr. Aloysius Schmaltzenstein Gavronsky: Physical mapping of electronic reverse transcriptase in cognitive neuro-acoustic networks (Journal of Pseudo- Causality, No. 37, February 29th 2009, PP. 345-398). In this rather long paper, the authors demonstrate how the progressive accretion of electron clouds nodal loci caused by the prolongued effect of external acousto-mechanical stimulation of dynamic drivers yieldss a hereto undetected reverse-transcriptase-driven rise in size of prion proteins in pre-spongiform encephalitis cases. The prion protein particles gain in mass by up to 250% in a matter of weeks when exposed to clumped EMF created by acoustic stimulation of said speaker systems.
In turn, the exponentially virulent hypertrophic prion particles have provoked dangerously uncontrolled audiophrenic seizures in otherwise outwardly normal individuals, who have immediately 'invested' in uber-expensive hyper-sensitive and extremely high-strung speakers, with disastrous consequences to their credit limit, and to their marriages.

Folks, please don't talk to your speakers... Sheer hell will follow!
I wouldn't mention this to anyone else outside the Audiogon community, especially someone who may be able to commit you.
My calendar says Nov 7, 2010; did I fall into a time warp and it is now actually April 1, 2011?
This is reminiscent of a long time research project of mine" Do speakers talk to themselves when there is no one there to hear them?". Have had trouble designing a research model to test this; all suggestions welcome. Dr Stanley Wallen BA, MA, BD, PhD, OF
Did prop 19 pass?
Yea okay. Some of you guys think an audio rack can make things better. How on earth does a $13,000 wood rack work?
You set up your gear on a certain rack and it automatically gets better? I knew a manufacture that was making racks with custom made laminated glass. Only one place in the USA could make the glass. Cost like 20 grand per rack! Is that insane of what?

Or how about cable elevators? Did you guys read through that topic? What a bunch of waccos. How do things get better by placing cables on neat little ramp things? Does it make the electrons feel like the "red carpet treatment"? lol

(I DO have a real question aboout tubes in the AMP section, but noone is answering)
This phenomenon has been addressed by Legacy Audio. Their Whisper line is able to withstand hushed voices.

How do you know they're not secretly recording every word you utter?
Well done, everybody! Lately, this site has been the best it's been in the five years I've been coming. Maybe it's the economy, giving us all a little more perspective . . . .
It is perfectly OK for as long as you don't talk or even think about other speakers. That would not be forgiven.

Attach a volt meter to the speaker terminals and gently push the woofer cone in and out and see if you register any current. Or, place another speaker a few feet from the speaker with the volt meter attached and play a recording of conversation or crowd noise, at normal levels, and see if you register a current.
I don't care what my speakers think about me. They're not being paid to think. If they don't do their job, they'll be fired. End of story.
I have been a member of Agon since 2003, reading the forums daily and I have yet to see a post so idiotic...
We talk allot about tweaking gear to sound better like spending mega bucks on power cables (which may be the same thing with another name on it) lets spend more on a cable than the actual amp! And things like Beaks? What the heck is a beak? If that's not the craziest thing yet! If it really works, then why doesn't the manufacture add this?

We don't talk much about protecting and preventing damage to our equipment or even things that may cause minor sound degradation overtime. Maybe because prevention doesn't involve selling a voodoo logic product. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and I guess there are allot of dealers that can't really bring in the good products aymore, so now they just focus on selling the cure.
>>11-07-10: Rudd
I have been a member of Agon since 2003, reading the forums daily and I have yet to see a post so idiotic... <<

I've seen plenty, although I'd personally call it nonsense.
And I suspect 6550 is just trying to stir the pot and get us to think a little.
Make sure your legal representative is present.
Luckily I live in a nunnery and everyone is sworn to silence.