Is it okay to run Cambridge Audio Phono stage to Tube Preamp that is line in only?

Hi all,

I have a Cary Audio AES3 tube preamp that is line in only, which is problematic when it comes to using my turntable. To date I've been using a Sony receiver phono stage and run it to my Cary preamp via the "tape out".

i just picked up a Cambridge Audio Azur 551P, because I figured it will perform better than the old Sony receiver. I absolutely want to keep the Cary preamp in the mix, because the Cambridge couldn't come close to the same quality sound if I just ran it straight to my amp.

with that said, I just wanted to be sure it is alright to setup in the following manner:
turntable-->Cambridge phono 551p--->Cary Tube preamp line in--->McIntosh 2125 amp

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Yup, that's how to do it!
Agreed.  That is how it is intended to be connected.
Great, I wasn't sure if it was intended to run straight to an amp, and if running the Cambridge outputs to run to another preamp (Cary) could damage the that 2nd preamp....good to hear that's not the case!

just out of curiousity was my assumption correct that this Cambridge preamp will outperform the Sony receiver phono stage I'm currently running the signal through?

My guess is that not many are familiar with the onboard phono stage of the Sony; I would think that the Cambridge Audio would be better, but with an entry level TT setup, any difference might be small.  Having the phono stage separate from what might be a noisy environment within the receiver could be beneficial as well.  I would prefer the separate, as you have chosen.