Is It OK to Use a 20amp Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Suppressor Instead of a 15amp?

I have my audio gear and TV plugged into a Tripp Lite 20amp surge protector.  The powered speakers are plugged in separately to wall outlets.  The circuit and wall outlets are 15amp.  I’m sure I have less than 100watts plus the TV into the Tripp Lite.  I bought a 20amp by mistake.  Is this OK?  If there ever was an overload the 15amp breaker at the box would trip first.  I assume the 20amp would have heavier wiring than a 15 amp.  I think the joule rating is the same for 15 or 20amp.


I think so. It's a surge protector, it's not waiting to see 20 amps before it trips.

I use Furman Elite 20PFI - a 20A conditioner/surge protector on 15A breaker.  It has 20A style socket on the back, but it came with two cables - 15A plug and 20A plug.  It suggests that company approves it on 15A mains.  I believe the only consideration is that wiring is done with sufficient gage for 15A circuit.  Anything above it is even better.

Yep, that's fine.

The Furman with SMP/LiFT are better, joul-less units, but the Tripp Lite are a close second. :)

Use a 50 amp if you can find one.  It is not providing overcurrent protection.  the higher the current rating, the less likely it will negatively affect the performace of your amp.