Is it ok to leave the amp on?

I just bought a Belles 150A three channel amp (used thru this site). I am considering placing on top of a wall unit (due to space problems). This unit does not have an auto-on feature so I would need to leave it on most of the time.. (except when going out of town etc..) What is the general opinion on this.. and is this manufacturer sensative?
If it's solid state leave it on if you can live with wasting, and paying for, the energy. At normal operating temperature a healthy unit ought to perform more closely to its intended purpose. Thermal cycling (on and off) appears to accelerate the decomposition of electrical devices. So it's up to you, pay the bigger electric bill when it comes or the tech to replace the failed components, IF they more quickly fail. Hey, my stuff is on 24/7 except if I leave town for a while.
Hi, This is an article Dave Belles has printed on his website, I hope it helps. The Cost of Leaving that Amplifier On all the Time by David Belles I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our audio Web site. In this section, we would like to offer some of our thoughts on subjects that, we hope, will be of interest and help. Our first topic concerns a question that I am asked many times. What about leaving my power amplifier on all the time? The logic behind leaving an amplifier on all the time is that it is supposed to sound better if the amplifier is never turned off. There is some truth to this notion (components that are already warmed up tend to sound better), but there is a down side that must also be considered. First, the reliability of the amplifier could be compromised if it is left on all the time. The components most affected are the active components (i.e. diodes, tubes, and transistors). A transistor can be affected in two ways: first, the current gain hfe begins to deteriorate. Second, the transistor develops current leakage due to heat dissipation, leading to unit failure. Passive components (i.e. electrolytic capacitors, power resistors, and circuit board material located near heat sources) can also be affected over time. Electrolytic capacitors experience a drying out of their electrolytes, causing capacitance loss and leakage. This leads to gradual degradation of the bass and eventual component failure. Other considerations include the greater likelihood of damage to the amplifier from household hazards, such as, thunderstorms, line spikes, household spills, children, and pets. When making the decision whether to leave the amplifier on, or turn it off, one must consider the benefits and the costs. I recommend turning the amplifier off when it is not in use, and turning it on about ½ hour before listening. To my mind this represents a good compromise between amplifier wear and tear, and the best listening experience.
The advice Dave Belles gives is identical to advice I received from Mondial designs concerning their Aragon 8008BB 200 W/ch power amplifier: turn it off when not in use, it's better from a reliability standpoint, it's better from a power transient susceptibility (e.g., lightning strike) standpoint, it's better from a cost of energy standpoint, and it warms up quickly after turn on. Now that the amp is well broken in, there is no readily discernible difference in the sound between "just turned on" and "warmed up for several hours". And yes, I do have a high resolution system and reasonably good ears, thanks for asking :-)
The advice varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, for example -w- Naim - leave it it on. If I felt it necessary to power down my SS amplifier in between use, and then wait for it to warm up each time, it would be out of here and replaced with a good tube amp.
Lphunter2's comments deserve careful thought. On the other hand, two amplifier manufacturers I respect --- Bryston and Museatex/Meitner --- both recommend leaving their amplifiers on all the time. Since I use Meitner monoblocks, I figure I'd follow manufacturer's suggestions, so mine are on all the time unless I'm out of town.
Leaving a tube amp on all the time/or my CAT pre w/10 of them glowing suckers wouldn't make much sense; except to the electric co, and the guy who sells me the tubes.Best advice for SS: Get the best timer device you can find,set it to come on a couple of hrs. before you come home.
Avguygeorge....I dunno about that man. I can't imagine running my several hundred dollar power conditioner which is running my several thousand dollar amp which is using mega hundred dollar cables through a AC wall timer. I could be wrong..but I think it would have undesirable sonic affects.
just my thought on the subject!!! i'd get rid of the timer all together---put in a good power block(spike/storm protection) and leave the gear on all the time unless goin out for a week or so--my linn gear sounds just more nicer left on/more enjoyable and involved and warmer sounding. i turn my stuff off every once in a while to matain it (clean all contacts ect) and its off for a few hrs---well during the evening i can tell it gets better and better and better!! listening to discs i know very well(sonicly) check it ot man joolz
Yo-Mr. Mfgrep ; One could do the timer thing;then when you get ready to listen;unplug, and go to the wall.You could get a good timer,and listen for differences. You may find you have the same contact area as that of the breaker controlling the line.I sure wasn't referring to a $3.98 timer.