Is it ok to buy a 20 yr old line conditioner from

I need some opinions or advise on whether I should get an old line distributor/conditioner (possibly 20 yrs old). I saw one here on Audiogon. It is a Chang Lightspeed CLS 9600 ISO MKI. The original retail price was $819. The seller is trying to sell it for $300. It has separates outlets for digital and analog components. It looks like it's pretty well built. Is anyone familiar or have any idea or any experience with this product or any other Chang Lightspeed conditioners in the past? Should I get this piece cause I'm concerned about the age of this conditioner. Do you guys think it'd be fine to buy an old line distributor/conditioner? Right now I'm using an old cheap entry level Furman conditioner. So I think this Chang Lightspeed CLS 9600 ISO MKI would be a major step up or upgrade from what I have now but one thing worries me is the age of this Chang Lightspeed CLS 9600 ISO MKI conditioner. Any advise or inputs or opinions would be greatly appreciated. My setup consists of : Oppo bdp-103 universal disc player used as a disc transport only. Rotel RC-1570 stereo pre-amp with built-in DAC. Rotel RB-1080 stereo power amp (200 wpc @ 8 ohms or 400 wpc @ 4 ohms with both channels driven). Integra DHC 80.1 av preamp surround processor used for ht only.
Thank you.

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Is it ok??? Sure!

but you get what you pay for and this is where your system's electricity feed starts!

Save up some more modest funds and get yourself something recent and it will be "lightyears" better!