Is it ok for tube amp directly to the outlet?


Do you think it's better to plug my tube amp directly to outlets rather than going through power conditioner? Can a power surge damage my tubes or amps?

I plug my Cary 805AE in the power conditioner now, but I want to try them without power conditioner to see if I can get better sound in term of dynamic. Do most of you using power conditioner for your tube amps?

I think it is better to plug directly in all occasions except one.
You will get some little (or more) grunge but you will also gain dynamics and what's usually termed "ease of drive". Try it.
if you plug direct into wall I'd make sure you have a dedicated 20 amp line and I'd routinely only plug the amp in when using it.
Tubes are not damaged by voltage spikes that would zap transistors.
Most conditioners limit current, therefore you are better off going straight into the wall. Cheers,
Another recommendation here to go straight into the wall. If you don't already have a dedicated electrical line coming to the outlet, do that before reverting back to a power conditioner.
Directly to the wall should be the unanimous choice.
You already know the sound using your line conditioner.
Try the amps directly to the wall.You will be surprised.
Actually, I have a 80A line from the main panel to the subpanel and from the subpanel to 4 outlets in the room. All the gound lines from the outlets go to subpanel ground and the subpanel ground to the house's main ground.

Is the subpanel's ground line should be separate from the house's ground line and is this dangeous, violate the city's code if I separating them?

If subpanel ground shares with house's main gournd, is this called dedicated line or are they must be separate ground lines?

Sounds like you are where you would want to be on this wiring schema.