Is it O.K. to mass load a X250 Pass Amp?

I was just wondering if anybody had experience regarding mass loading an X250 amp(Pass). I've mass loaded the rest of my components with nice results and then decided to put some weight on the amp but the weights cover some of the ventilation. Is this very bad? Does anybody have experience with mass loading equipment including amps with ventilation slots?
What about speakers? I've had mixed results using Totem Beaks on my speakers so I've decided not to mass load the speakers for now.
Do not do anything that hinders airflow in, out or around an amp, especially a high bias unit that runs hot. If you really feel the need to do this, you might want to construct some type of elevated platform that is several inches above the amp but uses the amp as the support structure. How you go about doing this will obviously have an outcome on the results and / or the amount of heat allowed to escape. Sean
I was able to put weight without covering any of the ventilation slots by putting the sand in smaller containers. I've decided that although weight on the speakers may have some charms, I find it tends to cut off some of the high frequencies I'm used to. I don't know which is theoretically correct but I prefer my Hales without any weights on top. Perhaps these speakers were designed to be as is.
The Pass amp radiates heat over it's outer shell. Hindering heat transfer from any part of the X250 will hasten the death of your amp. Besides weighting down a hundred pound amp is just plain silly IMO.
Muralman1, Believe it or not, the Pass amp with the weighting does sound significantly better. As it was as easy as lifting of the weights to hear the difference I tried it both ways back and forth and the sound was consistantly better with the weighting. My amp never gets too hot anyhow as it has alot of ventilation all around and below it. The weighted containers only take up about 3" on the bottom and this gives the amps vents plenty of clearence.
if i were on a different board i would ignore this or flame you, in this instance I would heed Murlman's advice
It appears everyone is against the idea of mass loading my X250 but my amp is not getting any hotter by doing it the way I'm doing it. The amp appears to be luke warm to the touch but not in any way hot.Is it still damaging if there is no heat difference? It does sound really good this way.
After a while I noticed that my system soundes more listenable without mass loading the amp.Taking off the weight on the amp lightened up the sound but in a good way.Mass loaded the sound was too thick, too full. I do like the effects of the mass loading of my CDP and Preamp however. Thanks for all your advice.