Is it my amp or my speakers?

I've been dissatisfied with my system of late--wanting a little more brightness and color--and can't decide if it's the amp or the speakers, or both. Here's the set-up:
  • Krell KAV-300i integrated
  • Cyrus CD-T
  • Schiit Gungnir DAC
  • Tekton Lore speakers
The Krell was a hand-me-down (!); everything else was purchased new. The amp had some overpriced work done to it a few years back and I'm wondering if the workmanship is starting to show, or possibly its age (~25 years, I'm guessing). Or, are the amp and speakers mismatched?I can afford to invest about $3K in the system, but am unsure where best to put it.Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.
The amp is 25 years old and the speakers are 8 1/2 years old. The amp/speaker match should be ok. Has this combo always sounded this way or is this something recent? Before you start spending money, try to pinpoint the problem. Try someone else’s amp in your system or try your amp in someone else’s system. Or borrow an amp from your local dealer. The Krell is a nice integrated but they wear out like anything else. The bottom line is we don't know if the issue is with your amp or your speakers, but you should find out before you spend your money.
I had Tekton Lore reference speakers. I was at a tipping point, as I’d initially heard Tektons with a tube amp...but had always favored solid state. Moving to/investing in a quality tube rig was just not in the budget, nor doable with our house setup (needed to keep things simple) plus I’d gotten a really decent solid state integrated. I sold my Tektons and got some Totems - which I think are better for me and sound so great with my amp - and never looked back. Point being, pairing is a big deal. As stated above, try and try your Tektons with other amps (tubes and solid state) and your Krell with other speakers if possible. Now wish I had tried mine with tubes and/or could have kept those Tektons...better to exhaust a good portion of that curiosity with trial and error. 
I think it could be your speaker wires and interconnects. If you go to OCC single Crystal copper you will hear a big difference. Cuz all your other equipment looks pretty good.
Trying out returnable cables may be cheapest fix shipping wise.  

+1 Tekton especially the double impact, but their speakers are rather large

GoldenEar Tritons - another great price/performance speakers with many positive reviews

You could look for used speakers to get better price/performance, but it'll add much more complexity to your research.
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