Is it Me, the Vinyl or the Equipment?

I just opened and played a Craft Recording of Mindy Smith "One Moment More", which is an amazing LP. There is consistent rumble under the music. Heard most clearly when the song ends. I recently bought Simply Red "Holding Back the Years" from another vendor and the same thing. Is it me, my prime TT with Ortofon Bronze cadenza cart or just the recordings being pressed at the speed of sound to get out to those of us clamoring for new LPs? 
I'm not a vinyl guy, so take this for what it's worth.

Is the problem only on these two records?  If not, it's probably your TT.  I have read of some tables needing a subsonic filter.
Interesting. I had not heard of this before but it may be worth exploring the filter. 
IMO, its something in the system. maybe your phono preamp. They have a lot to do with the sound of the TT. If its a tube pre, it may be a bad tube. Or if not, it may not be up to the task. Did you set up the cartridge? How about the cable from the TT to the pre? Is it a low capacitance cable? Do you have the ground wire hooked up properly? 
These are the things to check. I doubt it is cart setup. But I may be wrong. Check ground first. And if tubes, switch them. Cable next. Then, as another poster mentioned, IF your other albums don't have a problem, It may well be the pressings of those albums. Stuff DOES happen. Good luck
It’s called rumble, two fold. The weight is to great on the head shell or something need service. Rumble is the floor noise of a given TT, it can be reduced a lot or increased because of maintenance.

BTW ALL the older Preamps had filters, the better the preamp the better the filters.. Rumble and Tape filters, were a just of a few.. The reason I like Mac.. They had the BEST filters and lowest floor noise, when NOT using them. Fisher was close too..

Oh one other thing.. I could be wrong.. :-) Get some springs under your TT.

TT 101, get springs, get deadening matt, get HEAVY. I use Russco broadcast TT. They have a TINY bit of rumble.. I keep a cool 1/2 dozen TT here for builds.. Garrard Killers... Russco, QRK, Sparta..
Close to my Thorens.. Better than Garrard though, hands down.

I forgot, To heavy of a clamp or LP weight can do it too.. That pressure is actually where it all begins unless it’s an air ride. Air Rides are rumble free, no end load on the platter bearing.. That contact area is pretty important..
Like the difference between GOOD and BAD... Usually just one little hard round ball, a contact area and lube..

I had the exact same problem with my VPI Prime.  I tried everything to get rid of rumble and nothing helped.  I traded in the TT and bought a Technics SL 1200G  instead, no more rumble or problems. Happily spinning vinyl now.  
Really? They had that high of rumble? I thought they were top notch tables. I have burnt 10,000,000 calories with Technics TT and DANCING. Every dance joint around spinnin' vinyl uses Technics, great TTs..

Hat on the floor, as I slowly walk around the hat to the beat of the music, my faithful K-9 compa' follows...WE stop.. and slowly back around the hat.. Olay amigo. Stomp.. Stomp..

Tap Tap. Lambada.. Ay, Chica....
I can only speak to the ScoutMaster of which I had 2 or 3. They were above the Scout, which I believe the Prime replaced. They were good TT's and I had no problem. As I said earlier, there are several things to check. VPI IS one of the better mfg's and I doubt they could stay in business if their TT's were problematic
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DeRumble: This is a newly added function that converts frequencies in the bass range (below 200 Hz) into mono when mode is set to stereo. This function is said to eliminate rumble, warps, footfalls, undesired mechanical feedback, and other undesired artifacts from record playback. It is recommended for thin and warped LPs, which would otherwise suffer from degradation due to undesirable vertical movement of the stylus during playback.
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