Is it just me or does the "new" posting parameters seem like there unproductive?

Well it was that time to sell some nice gear so I log on to my favorite, most expensive AND best results provider and thats Audiogon and immediately I start writing my Magnum Opus Ads and quickly realize that AGon has made another set of changes that will clearly drive me and as apparent by the lack of volume of recent listings many, many other audiophiles away from this market place and straight into the arms of competitors like eBay et al!  I have 100% feedback and have had many HIGH DOLLAR purchases and sales and now it seems AGon cant trust Audiophile adults to decide how and when and where to complete their transactions so it looks like I will be taking my sales to eBay and will still look at this wonderful site to purchase the occasional piece of gear but as I peruse I cant help but notice that most of the areas I frequent have significantly fewer choices listed and buy a mile...Hmmmmm any correlation to recent changes?  Soon this will be a site for only hi paying dealers and it will (in my opinion) make the way of the DoDo...I truly hope not it is sad for me to watch greed ruin this wonderful site but alas we shall see.
What SPECIFICALLY are you bitching about?
Seriously, what are these new parameters?

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We have word for post like this. 
Whoa! What?! You mean there’s an adult Audiogon? Do you have a link? 
Why do people start a thread and not return to see the comments?
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I agree...I kind of dropped it and ran on this post.  It actually was written while in the clutches of an Ambien induced state. 

That being said although I misused They're (which seemed to infuriate some of you) what I will say is that what I was "exactly bitching about" was Audiogon's new listing rules that require using their new pay system or Pay Pal only to list here on the site or be a business member.  In other words individuals can't log in and post a listing and pay with a CC nor can the seller accept any other form of payment i.e. cash, check, cod or CC (if so equipped).  So I feel strongly that AGon taking away the simplicity of buying/selling as an individual has most certainly had a negative consequence on buying and selling.  There used to be 2-3 pages of Bryston Gear now just 2/3rds, the same with Audio Research as well as a few other "big" name sellers here.  Most of the ads are now placed by one pay dealers which in itself is fine (I have purchased many items from resellers here) but the individual is being clearly pushed out unless they want to sign up (and pay for) dealer status.


   I was interested in all your posts on selling our gear on Audiogon.  
    While they do seem to make it more scrutinized for the individual seller, I think that is because, like all selling sites, there are always s fee unscrupulous sellers or buyers, and I think Audiogon is just trying to protect everyone.  Unfortunately, the rest of us suffer from the actions of a few. 


    I thought I’d put this out to all. Since I’ve recently looked at selling some of my gear; do you think it would be useful for Audiogon to have a link that would allow us to see a history of sales - say for the last 12 months - of that particular item; so we’d have a more realistic idea of what the item should sell for?  It appears that most items are being offered at very unrealistic prices, that are higher then what is realistic. Having a history of actual selling points would benefit us all. 
Its just my thoughts.  I’d appreciate any comments on this. 


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“In other words individuals can't log in and post a listing and pay with a CC nor can the seller accept any other form of payment i.e. cash, check, cod or CC (if so equipped).”

The above information is incorrect....any member can post ad here, pay for the ad with their credit card and accept check, wire transfer cash (local sale) outside the Audiogon system. I suggest OP should get with moderator and gain better understanding of the selling process. It appears OP rants stems from recent hike in selling fees than anything else. 

As far as unrealistic sale price goes, one always have an option to submit an offer. People always want ‘cheap’ deals, free shipping and don’t wanna pay for PayPal fees. What they don’t realize is the high selling cost of a equipment which could run as high as $250 in Audiogon, PayPal and shipping fees. 
I could care less regarding any increase in fees to sell here I have always sold quickly here and that is why I have faithfully used AGon.  However, I do take great issue with the loss of ease and convenience that is now gone...And you are incorrect.  One cannot "just pay with a CC" hence the reason for the post.  lalitk1 when is the last time you posted an item for sale here [Audiogon]?  Not only can you not post without using PaPal or AGons pay system a seller cannot accept any direct form of payment.
I see a very little point arguing with someone ‘uninformed’ as you and not willing to learn. I sell regularly here, my last ad posted on April 20, paid for by using my own CC.

I sold an item last month, buyer sent wire transfer directly into my bank account. Upon receipt of the wire transfer, I marked the ad as ‘paid’ and shipped the item to the buyer.