Is it just me?

I seem to be unable to put away my David Benoit 1987-95 CD. Every time I turn around it's in my player. I am amazed this music never gets played out. What an excellent disk.
I've had that happen periodically too. Awhile ago it was Alison Krauss "Forget About It", and lately it is Jacintha "Autumn Leaves"-- the songs of Johnny Mercer. This is an XRCD2 by FIM and is the best CD I've ever heard in my system. Cheers. Craig
Album infatuation has always been part of my life. Maybe I just need time to really grab the details and interpret the poetry of the lyrics, rhythm and melody. Some of the Pink Floyd albums, David Brubek (Time Out and others), Miles Davis (Kind of Blue and others), Chick Corea (My Spanish Heart), Passport and lately, the new Alison Krauss have all had their turn. Thanks for mentioning the Benoit (my wife and I enjoy his music) and thanks Craig for your suggestions. The really great ones take time to digest and should not be hurried.
I thought I was the only one! Ole blue eyes is ALWAYS out of the cd rack(at least one disc). Ozfly and Garfish thanks for a few new recommendations some of them I am not familiar with.
No, you are not alone. I listen to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Miss Peggy Lee @ least once a week.
For me, it has been Pat Coil "Steps". It is a great sounding jazz instrumental CD from Sheffield Labs. I finally bought his other CDs but none of them clicked for me like "Steps"
Bufus- Bringing back some old memories!! I used to listen to "Sierra Highway" nonstop, for about a year and a half!!! Such dynamics and energy in his recordings- in fact this recording is why I bought the speakers I did, this song sounded incredible on them. ~Tim
I'll have to stop by music direct and see if the have anything by Pat Coil.
"The Heart Of Saturday Night"....I am on my second copy of this disk, as the first one stopped playing...never had that happen to me before.
I try to make copies as much as possible now.